International Break News/Boredom

Wow.  I loathe these breaks.  We are finally generating some momentum and then, there is a two week break (or whatever it is), disrupting our rhythm.  Though I can pretty readily convince myself that with so many players injured, or only recently recovered and still needing to find conditioning/form, the timing of the break isn’t so bad.  Regardless, I just find it boring.  I really don’t care about European qualifying (sorry to our European readers and friends!  I’m American, and after the US, I’ll root for any African club long before any European team).

Anyway, Sevilla does have five players who have joined their respective national teams:

  1. Moreno – Spain
  2. CapRak – Croatia
  3. Bet0 – Portugal
  4. Rabello – Chile
  5. Bacca – Colombia

You have to feel some pride in our youth system looking at that picture of Moreno with Ramos and Navas.  Will be very interesting to see how he does and if he can win a spot on the team.  Can anyone who follows La Roja have some more informed assessment of his chances?

A fun/interesting fixture will be Chile v. Colombia, seeing our two players face off against one another.

Which other Sevilla players have caps with their senior teams?  Reyes and Gameiro for sure…  Fazio?   Rusescu?  M’Bia?  Maduro?

Speaking of Rusescu, how the hell is this guy still not in shape?  Seriously.  The team’s statements about him are so vague and non-informative.  How, as a professional athlete, do you get to the point where you’re still not in shape 3 months after joining a team?  I don’t get it.  Does he have some more serious medical condition that the team is being tight-lipped about?

For those who are not off with their national teams, Sevilla is playing in the XXXIII Trofeo del Olivo ante el Real Jaén.  I know.  I know.  Incredible that we’re on the brink of winning some real hardware this season.  Especially the illustrious Trofeo del Olivo, and against such stiff competition as Real Jaen!  OK.  Mockery aside, I really don’t get why these random games in the middle of the season get named trophies bestowed upon them (Puerta’s aside), and I apologize if this is actually commemorating something important.

For us, it means Emery will get to give some match time to guys who he hasn’t trusted or who haven’t been fit up to this point.  Allegedly, the starting 11 is Julián; Coke, Fazio, Carriço, Navarro; Maduro, Cristoforo; Perotti, Reyes, Trochowski y Rusescu.  That’s right, they’re even letting Maduro play.  So you know we’re really putting it all out on the line.  I actually feel bad for the guy.  I never felt like he gave bad effort…  Must be such an awkward situation for him, training with the team, hoping/praying he finds a way to leave in January.  Must be miserable.

Anyway, let’s hope our boys abroad play well and don’t pick up injuries and that, when we finally do come back, we can build on the momentum we were developing in the last few weeks.