HUGE GAME: Hassania Agadir v. Sevilla

Well everyone.  Now that we’ve had our little Europa League Championship match tune-up, its on to even greater challenges as we head to Agadir to take on the mighty Hassania Agadir, proudly landing in 6th place in the Moroccan league at the end of this season.  You want firepower?  They have firepower.  You want well designed and executed tactics?  They’ll bring the tactics and the well-executedyness.  This is what we’ve been anticipating all year gents.  An inter-continental battle against upper half of the table Hassania…

OK fine.  Maybe this isn’t in fact the most high stakes match of the season.  But it is a nice little showcase for the team.  It’s a chance to play in a 45,000 seat stadium in a foreign country and to try and grow the team’s brand and worldwide name recognition.  And it’s a chance for the fringe and Sevilla Atletico players to wear the jersey and make us proud (even you Gerard).  Anyway, hopefully its fun for everyone and no one gets hurt.  And hopefully next year, after winning the Champions League, the team does its post-season promotion tour in the US so I can cheer them on.

I’ll be pretty surprised if this game is even streamable.  But you never know.

Here are some highlights from one of Hassania’s recent matches to get you fired up.