The season is a success regardless of what happens from here on out!  No one can ever take away from us our proudly won Trofeo Teresa Herrera!!!!!!  YES YES YES!!!!!!  2011 winners of the Trofeo Teresa Herrera!!!!!  Grandparents kissing their grandchildren!  Pandemonium in the streets of Seville!

Honestly, (in case you couldn’t pick up on my subtle sarcasm) I find it more than a little ridiculous that pre-season games get their own trophies.  But, whatever.

I really wanted to get to post a nice smiling picture of Giovani Dos Santos holding up a Sevilla jersey, but looks like we need to continue our wait.  I’m starting to lose faith, though he hasn’t held up an Udinese jersey yet either, so there is obviously still reason for optimism.

Anyway, pre-season = over.  Did anyone see the game today?  Any observations? Sounds like it was a tale of two halves with the canteranos (please tell me I spelled that correctly) struggling in the first half, and then things getting better in the second.  Is Coke our pre-season leading scorer?  Does he get forward in general or is this a new habit of his?

Any guesses from today on what our starting lineup will be for Thursday?  In the words of Marvin Gaye: “Let’s get it on.”