Happy Holidays – Thank you 2014!

Well, with our even longer than normal December break this year (screw  you Real Madrid), we are still in the midst of a long boring spell.  But its worth looking back on 2014 and appreciating what the team achieved.  By record it would be the 4th best team in La Liga.  And obviously we have a beautiful Europa Cup championship that will live on in Sevilla lore forever.  Not too shabby.

Of course, what matters is not calendar year standings, its season end standings.  If we hadn’t slipped up against Eibar in our last match we would, very deservedly, be sitting in 4th place with a game in hand.  Instead, we’re now sitting tied for 7th.  Aggravating, but there is a lot of competition this year.  I just hope that this long layoff doesn’t result in an unduly large dip in form.

I’d love someone with better spanish than mine to give me the gist of whatever went down with Del Nido Jr. and Castro…  Was there some weird power struggle where DNJ got relegated in position?  How does this stuff work?  Does it matter?

Jeremy, what’s the latest with this new TV revenue sharing deal?!  They say that now the difference from top to bottom is now 1:3 instead of 1:5.  That’s progress, right?  And did we make out considerably better than before?  How much?

The team is heading into a possibly intriguing January transfer window.  Light rumors breeze through Nervion, whispering the names of Bacca and Krychowiak.  But nothing solid has been realized yet.

The strongest rumors seem like those around Iborra who appears to have fallen out of the club’s favor.  I thought he played well last year and just hasn’t had the chance to play much with Mbia and Krycho as the first choice starters.  I feel a little like he is getting the short end of the stick here.  And I’m particularly surprised given that we are about to say goodbye to Mbia for a month for the African Cup of Nations.  It also all suggests that they have little or no confidence in Cristoforo any time soon.  Will be interesting to follow this situation.  And this, of course, is all rumors circulating before any real offer for Krychowiak has materialized.

Otherwise, Barcelona a) unable to play by the rules and b) unwilling to accept their punishment, seem interested in bringing back Denis Suarez.  I assume that couldn’t happen until this summer.  I guess I couldn’t be too angry if we made 3 million Euros off of the loan for one year of a player who has contributed, but I’d still rather insist on thus sending someone permanently (or with even more favorable loan terms) instead of developing their players for them.  Which of course brings us to Deulofeu, where Everton sound like they might want to reacquire him, but I’m unsure what’s in it for us.

I think someone else mentioned a link to Falcao for us…  That sounds a little outlandish, and I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere else.  But I’d certainly be all ears if that ever became serious.

Otherwise, I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and new years.  Thank you all for making this community great and making this wonderful team so much more fun to watch.