Granada – Sevilla Match Comments

At midweek we at Monchi’s Men seemed to have stumbled upon the secret to Sevilla’s success: predict failure here on the blog, and explain why. So naturally we’re going to undo that good work today by looking at the potential positives if Sevilla wins Monday at Granada. And I know I just wrote on Wednesday I didn’t think Sevilla had much of a chance at Europe, but…let’s look at Sevilla’s chances for Europe.

In the “Would you like to watch some teams not named Barcelona or Real Madrid, China?” early game this morning, Atlético apparently got tired of success or were reminded they didn’t earn that Patético nickname for nothing, and lost by conceding in injury time to Real Zaragoza. Since they were three points and four places ahead of Sevilla, this signifies an important opportunity for Los Nervionses. Also in the opportunity category: today (5) Malaga plays (6) Espanyol and (4) Levante plays (8) Osasuna. So with Atleti’s loss, that means at least three of the teams 5-9 will drop points today. It’s hard to imagine a better chance to move up the table or at least cut the distance to Europe than this week.

Of course this is predicated upon the notion that Sevilla can win more than one game per month, a notion that Trochowski seemed to endorse when he said “This year if we win two games, we’ll play bad on the third”. See? We have one more win before a spirit crushing loss! So let’s go do this! A por ellos!

In squad list news, Perotti is again out with injuries, replaced by Tom de Mul, who has apparently been on the team all this time? Also, Spahic is back, which is a welcome addition. So let’s go get these Alhambra-having Andalusian neighbors!!!!!!