Granada – Sevilla Match Comments

The first Andalusian derby of the season is upon us. In the past we’ve had as many as seven Andalusian teams in the first division (RIP Recre, Cadiz, Almería), but this year there are only four. Madrid has four on its own. This particular derby hasn’t earned the excitement of other regional rivalries like (puta) Málaga, but it’s always fun to see regional differences surface.

Sevilla fans hoping to see Perotti recovered for this match will have to wait a little longer as his injury riddled year will be extended another week or more. We’ll probably either see Reyes or Manu in his spot on the left. If Granada focus enough attention on Navas and Cicinho, it could mean big opportunities for the left side. Last week we were visited by the Ghost of Rakitic Past, which we all hope means the trinity is soon completed with the Ghost of Rakitic Present and the Ghost of Rakitic Future (the future one is the ghost who is sold to a big team for lots of money). Tiny Tim needs a warmer winter this year, Rakitic, and Scrooge (Del Nido??) may yet soften his heart. The wheels have fallen off of this Dickensian bizarro-Sevilla.

Go forth, men, and win with all your might! Kiss your wrists, oh, Negredo! Yell happy things in German, oh, Trochowski! Fly with Clavileño beneath you, oh, little Navas! Earn a terrific yellow card as time winds down while we’re up multiple goals, oh, Gary!