Goodbye, Cáceres?

We may be bidding farewell to our Uruguayan right back today. Martín Cáceres is reportedly being sold to Juventus for €9.5M. If you remember all the way back to last spring, we acquired him from Barcelona in May for a total of 3M. He has been good-to-great all season long; most notable was his colosal effort against Barcelona in our 0-0 draw at the Camp Nou. It’s hard to know what to think about this transfer. On the one hand, we need great players if we expect great things. On the other, we have to take advantage of the sale of players that can make us money (especially when we’ve signed other players for the same position).

Motives for this sale, as far as I see them are 1) make some bank, 2) thin out the roster (we’re not playing anything but liga matches now), and 3) Coke is younger by 19 DAYS! NINETEE!N!!! This will be huge when Cáceres’s legs start to atrophy in seven years and Coke still has 19 additional days of perfectly young legs. My guess is we sell Coke in that 19 day window in 2019.