Good News / News of Indeterminate Nature (and Also Some Bad News)

–Navas re-upped his contract until 2015. Cool. He wanted to do it, it’s not a response to any interest from any clubs or anything. Nice. But also they dropped his buy-out clause from 60 to 35 million. That’s, like, an honestly good price for Navas. I mean, there are probably a half dozen teams in Europe who could afford and would want to buy a world-class right winger for that kind of money. Why was this done? At whose behest? What are the implications? What relationship does this news have to our season’s proximity to the shitter?  What does it mean?!? DON’T LEAVE US, JESUS!!! (via Marca)

–At a press conference announcing the above, Monchi dropped some knowledge about our transfer situation. He acknowledged that things are moving slowly for Annan, but said that he’s not the only option we’re looking at. Could one of those other options be Muntari, who is looking to leave Inter and who the Italian papers say is headed our way? Could be! He also acknowledged the possible interest of various clubs for Konko, but said that thus far no offers have come along–but he’ll listen to them if they should materialize. (Interestingly, he’s healthy but not on the list for the CdR match tomorrow. Ditto Cigarini, who is also allegedly looking for the exit from our allegedly sinking ship…hm.) Also, yes it’s true that Corinthians asked about LuFa, but their offer was not a good one. Also, Mr. Monchi says Juventus and Sevilla talk all the time (probably about the Golden Globes and where to get the best pastries in France), but no one’s ever mentioned anything about buying LuFa. So there. (via el desmarque)

–The first half of the season is over, and that means it’s math time. If Valencia (4th) and Villarreal (3rd) duplicate their success thus far next term, they’ll end with 74 and 78 points, respectively, while we are sitting on 26. That means all we need to do to get from where we are right now to where they’ll likely be is just get 74-26 = 48 points from our 19 games. Hm….19×3 = 57 points, which means we can drop a whole 57-48 = 9 points and still rely on our head-to-head with Valencia. So then let’s all get pumped about our season-long struggle to qualify for the Europa League! (also via el desmarque)