Goal Analysis

Question I asked myself that inspired this post: “Is watching Sevilla something that I am only interested in doing when we’re in the top four?”

Hmmmm, let’s have a look at the table:

4. Valencia – 44

5. Athletic – 38

6. Espanyol – 37

7. Sevilla – 31

8. Atlético – 30

See Valencia there?  That’s where we were expecting to be this season.  Instead, we’re 13 points away from our goal.  Obviously, with 16 La Liga matches left and… uh, …48 points yet to come from those matches, 4th place could still be ours.  But it’s clearly going to take some Nervión magic for that to happen.

So I ask you, reader of Monchi’s Men and/or supporter of Sevilla FC: how do we approach the rest of the season?  Clearly the site has been much slower since a year ago when we were clinging to 4th place until the season’s final whistle.  What do we think about our coach, our players, team management and other issues that are all connected to a drop in achievement this season?  Up to this point, most Sevilla mouthpieces have refused to give up the Champions League promised land as a realistic goal, but at a certain point we need to decide what we will be content with when 2010-11 is over i we aren’t reaching the goal we originally set.

Maybe getting on the same page will help us feel more interested in the rest of the season if nothing else.  Luis Fabiano is grabbing his head, people.  Let’s grab ours.