GKs. What’ the plan?

I just figured I’d pass along a rumor from Orgullo de Nervion that they are on the brink of resigning Sergio Rico through 2017.

As most here probably know, we don’t have any goalkeeprs (aside from Barbosa?) signed for next season.  Barbosa doesn’t have the confidence of management.  And Beto might be looking for his last big contract, at the same time as his form hasn’t been 100% convincing.

I’m thrilled we’re extending Rico.  I only wish it would be for a longer period of time.  And I’m very curious to see how things play out with Beto.  Beto has not achieved San Palop status yet.  But he has been a huge player and personality on this team.  His performance in the Europa final last season goes without even saying.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COo_QYILbs4  PS.  Rewatching a few of those saves.  Wow.  Incredible.  And incredible that they were considered legal.

I do feel slightly bad for Barbosa.  He didn’t do well with the games he played.  But I would’ve thought that they saw enough in him last year to know that he has more ability than he has shown.  With that said, we didn’t pay much for him, so it’s not catastrophic if we loan him to some team in the segunda for the remainder of his contract.