Getafe: The Game of the Season

Here is why I think this is the biggest game of the season:

Aside from our match against Barcelona (which I have to be honest and say I have low expectations for) this is the hardest game we have left. Getafe are playing very well right now and are driving to try and break into the Europa spots. Meanwhile we have played better (winning 3 of 4) but still sit a point back of Mallorca who are likely to win at home this week against Malaga.

Getafe always causes us trouble. Playing them in Madrid… well, I’ll stop repeating myself and just say its gonna be tough.

If we win, I think we’ll be in very good position to land in that fourth spot. If we lose, then I think our already uphill battle will have just gotten a whole lot uphill-er.

I’ve heard that Stanky-pants will be back and Navas is healthy. So we’re pretty much full strength I believe. Lets hope we also bring full intensity and full form.

I can’t even venture a guess on this one. Our form is too weird. But screw it, I will anyway. My blind loyalty tells me that Sevilla is fired up and focused and we’ll walk out 2-1 winners (just dont uncross your fingers until Sunday).

This game is HUGE and could determine whether this season ends with a celebration or a fire sale.