Getafe – Sevilla Match

Lots of new faces on this Sevilla side today: cantera player Alfaro will likely start opposite Capel in Navas’s right wing spot. Sergio Sánchez has been called back into the fold after a long, unexplained absence. Cantera wonderboy Luis Alberto may get his first minutes with the first team. Rodri may once again play up top along with Negredo.

All in all, that’s five players from the cantera starting and a sixth likely to feature off the bench.

We’ll need that energy and youth as we try to take down a team that has beaten us four straight times over the last three seasons. Having players out there like Rodri or Luis Alberto, who have no knowledge of our secret mission to keep Getafe in Primera each year by giving them six points, will excite the senior players back to their winning ways. I’m crossing my fingers! I’m also slamming my head into a wall because I promised my boss I’d come in this morning when I don’t have to and when he really doesn’t need me to work. So I’ll miss the 11am (Central) match except for maybe the very end.

Let’s get those points! Seviiiiiiiilla en mi corazoooooon!