Game Chat: Annual Antonio Puerta Trophy – Sevilla FC vs Roma

Hi everyone and welcome to today’s memorial match to honor the great Antonio Puerta which just happens to be a homecoming for someone that is dear to our hearts here at Monchi’s Men. The man, the myth, the legend, Monchi, arrives back in the RSP for the first time since leaving and taking the long rumored job at Roma.
I have only watched one friendly so far this season, but from all accounts we have looked fairly decent in the warm ups to the Champions League match next Wednesday against the Turkish side, İstanbul Başakşehir. Today’s match will pit us against a good opponent with a ton of talent. The lineup for Sevilla is in:
Mercado, Pareja (C), Lenglet, Escudero
N’Zonzi MKD
Montoya – Banega – Correa

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Vamos Mi Sevilla

Notable Replies

  1. Damn it's dusty here in the office. :frowning: It's amazing how big Puerta's daughter has gotten.

  2. El estadio is full!

  3. Banega with the #10 is perfect!

  4. I've always been a big Perotti fan. I was sad to see him go.

  5. Nolito on for Correa 30'
    I hope Correa didn't pick up a knock.

  6. Montoya sure isn't afraid to shoot. He's looked pretty good today.

  7. Corchia on for Mercado who came up with a knee injury. Hopefully nothing serious.

  8. big save there from Rico off the free kick

  9. Por que no PK on the WBY drive? Keeper seemed to have gotten player and no ball in my viewpoint.

  10. I really wish Navas would score.

  11. Escudero scores! Great pass from Nolito

  12. Escudero will have to do :slight_smile:

  13. Perotti's neck tattoo is horrific. Not sure what it is, but damn it looks terrible on TV.

  14. remember he played for us... was always a bit of a waste of talent

  15. I recall Nolito scoring an identical goal against us for Celta Vigo 2 seasons ago

  16. Great strike by Dzeko


  17. Really? I always thought Perotti was great here. He didn't get the opportunities he should have.

  18. I liked him for sure, but he was to me another south american who arrived with loads of hype but never delivered on a consistent enough basis

  19. ShendM says:

    When there's a trophy involved, Sevilla does the job.... except when the trophy is named CL or La Liga :stuck_out_tongue:

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