Friendly: Sevilla @ Everton

Since yesterday’s friendly against Southamptom wasn’t televised, I’m just gonna pretend it didn’t happen. Luckily, today’s match against Everton is being shown on a couple channels, so there should be ways to watch it. Apparently Carrico picked up another muscle injury yesterday, which is a problem we don’t need.

Match is also being shown on facebook.com/everton

Here’s the lineups.


Mercado, Pareja, Lenglet, Escudero

Pizarro, Nzonzi, Banega

Montoya, Ben Yedder, Correa


And for Everton



Holgate, Keane, Jagielka, Baines

Schneiderlin, Davies

Rooney, Klaassen, Calvert-Lewin


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    Interesting first half. Defense caught napping by Sandro right away, but we probably had 75% of possession and all of the chances after that. Correa looks exactly like Vitolo. Pizarro and Nzonzi have been long-legged tackling machines. Nzonzi has been the most advanced midfielder, which is weird. Banega is a class above everyone as usual. Montoya is running hard but lacks the touch of class on the ball.

    1. Pretty sure Pizarro spend more time on the ground tackling than standing up… it’s a good sign though, finally a midfielder that tackles, we missed that since Krycho.

  2. Thanks Jolazo!

    @ Shend (last thread): LOL you’re done with Ben Yedder just like that? Or is it just cause you prefer Bacca? But you’re right, I hate seeing strikers miss easy chances like that. What happened to being clinical?

    1. I mean, I like WBY, he’s a good striker, just not the level that Sevilla is in right now. With the likes of Muriel and Bacca around (if he comes), there’s no place for WBY here anymore. WBY had it easy last year with the competition being Vietto in the first half of the season, but then Jojo came and things changed.

      1. You make a good point. I’m not sure WBY can take it to a 20-goal season kinda level, which is the kind of killer striker Arias has been wanting since the start of the transfer season. If you had your pick, would it be Bacca or Jovetic for you?

      2. Not sure man, a tough one. I like Jojo a lot, but it seems that Sampaoli’s strategy suited him more. Not sure how he’d perform in a traditional 4-2-3-1 of Berizzo. Bacca is suited better to that formation since the Emery era.

        Bacca would have a slighter advantage, but either of them still better than WBY.

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    MKD’s been great since he came on. I wouldn’t mind him being the 3rd CM against lesser teams then start Pizarro against the top teams.

  6. I’d say sell WBY and Ganso, bring in Bacca and a LB, and we’re all set.

    We should’ve beaten this Everton bunch easily, the difference in class especially in the second half was immense. Banega is the GOAT of Sevilla!

    We still don’t have a killer striker and a striker that is very independent, Bacca provides that and he is reported to be ready to take a salary cut just to join Sevilla, the negotiations are ongoing.

    Escudero was quite off today, along with Pareja, while the defense were caught sleeping in a different occasions, but not too much to be worried a lot. WBY and Ganso have nothing more to offer to this team and they’d both be liabilities when given playing time. WBY takes penalties well, but so does Banega, so does Kjaer, Nolito etc. MKD was very good despite his age, and Pizarro trying a lot to prove himself, did a very good job while fielded.

  7. The vultures from Turin were present at Goodison, and they would’ve noticed how much of a bargain N’Zonzi is at 40M. Game changed after Banega came off. Ganso went into hiding and gave us nothing. Nolito looked good in the 2nd. Pareja may have been tired, but I feel that’s what we’re gonna see from him if we rely on him. Hopefully Kjaer can play the ball out of defense or we might be giving up more leads.

    1. Dramatic change after Banega’s sub. However, I am confident that Mudo can do a good job covering for Banega when he’s fit.

  8. I’m with Shendm on WBY. He can’t muscle off defender, pace is ok but not fast enough, technique is ok but nothing survival, and can’t win header.
    Seems like a same type of player of muriel.

  9. Couldn’t disagree more with some of these comments, let’s see if we can get some perspective. First, changing subject a little, I didn’t want Banega or Navas to return, nor Bacca. Don’t like it, returnees normally disappoint. Reyes was different, he reinvented himself under constructive help from Emery.

    We’re just days away from the most important game of this team’s existence, they’re playing for places in the starting 11 but with restrictions, they’re not going to transmit the plan, shape or design of the starting 11 and they’re going to be careful with injuries.

    What managers need is strikers of different profiles, and Bacca is almost a clone of Muriel, down to the face. Ben Yed is a completely different profile, and he sticks the ball in the net given half a chance. Jovetic would be better for his workrate, though I’m not really a big fan of Jovetic, he’s got something different.

    Lot’s of carelessness in defence, not uncertainty, just careless, these are preseason errors.

    Pareja, that was the most stupid unnecessary penalty. Lenglet, oh dear, perhaps your worst game. Also, Escudero below average.

    Montoya fatal.

    We’ll not miss vitolo greatly while Correa is in this form but we should be worried that some club wants to pay big money.

    If Correa wasn’t the best player on the pitch and MKD not the second best, there’s something wrong with my TV, I heard the commentators agree that MKD was assured of starting 11 with his current level.

    Still not sure about the style of play but this manager is making some solid, astute decisions when subbing players. He’s no fool.

    What I’m not seeing is a defined variation of strategy, though today they switched off the game at 1-2, ok, but couldn’t see it through.

    Next game is a trophy, we have to honour Puerta, and soon we’re against Getafe 10 years and 1 day from that terrible event.

    1. WBY lost the place when Jojo came, and he wasn’t doing anything spectacular when competing with Vietto either. He is a good striker, but not for a team who aspires top 3 finish in La Liga and going far in CL, to be very honest.

      I like WBY, but Bacca is a whole different caliber. Bacca is the type of striker that not only can combine well outside the box, but he can also create chances himself independently, not expecting that pass to tap balls in like WBY or even Muriel.

      We need someone that can do something with the ball up front and not rely heavily in the assists of others. Besides WBY always failed against physically tough opponents, even last season, so nothing new today.

  10. Bacca over Jovetic over WBY who seems to run a lot and produce little with his weak frame and not enough speed to outrun defenders.

    1. Wow… didn’t notice that at first. They were playing in Stadio Riviera delle Palme and those are very ice-hockey-ish nets lol.

  11. I don’t know. Correa and WYB seems to have a nice connection happening. WBY hasn’t delivered, but has put the ball on frame and made the keeper do work. I would rather continue nurturing that partnership as they are younger than both other players mentioned.

  12. I don’t know, I like ben yed but I see his limitations, but we seem more team-like when he’s there. He’s busy in all forward position but sometimes not in the centre when the ball is delivered. Same goes for Jovetic but he seems to have more ability to harass defenders. That’s a slightly different profile.

    I don’t want a text book number 9. Football has moved on.

    Bacca had his faults but developed good connection with the team, his overall play was excellent eventually, but he’ll have to re-learn the automismos with a new team. These things take time.

    I didn’t see any horrendous errors by ben yed, he had one shot deflected off a defenders boot that luckily hit the goalkeepers hand, otherwise would have been a goal.

    If Sevilla are going to play one striker, then alternating Muriel and Bacca might work, but I still think they’re too similar and don’t offer sufficient variation. And clearly, 4 4 2 ain’t gonna work with two clones.

    1. I was imagining a 4-4-2 with Bacca and Muriel, but not quite sure if it would pan out. Muriel seems like a less sophisticated version of Bacca, but younger so who knows. Bacca is doing everything to come here, even taking a salary cut, quite weird for a player of his class. The only reason I’d want to see WBY sold if Bacca comes is mainly because he will most likely remain the third striker, which will make him desperate, probably might cause trouble along the way (not playing is always bad for any player), Berizzo will want to prove the 20+5-ish millions paid for Muriel and of course who leaves Bacca on the bench, Berizzo doesn’t have the guts for that etc. etc. .. if you know what I mean exactly :p

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