for the sake of a new post

since jeremy is away for a few days, i figure i’ll drop in a new place holder at least.

here are the odds and ends ive been hearing over the last week:

1) marcelino says he’d like to keep kanoute

2) sevilla linked (without any substantiation as far as i can tell) to: bendtner, dos santos, rodallega, and sulley muntari among others

3) sevilla atletico fall one goal short in their bid for promotion…  damn, was hoping they’d move up.

4) discussion/speculation about who will leave to make room for new players.  mallorca interested in sanchez, alexis, and alfaro.

random thoughts on:

DEPARTURES: personally, im always fairly impressed by alfaro.  though im not sure there’s much room on him with the team we have now.  he’s 24 so maybe his value isnt that high at this point?  anyway, sanchez is weird.  i liked him a lot at first but he had that weirdly bad seeming attitude when he came back.  alexis was a regular for us… in a defense that leaked a lot of goals.  from where i live, i wasnt able to watch enough to know whether he’s the one who should be considered culpable or if he’s just more easily moveable…

YOUTH: who do you all think is most ready to step in?  ive actually heard that Cala might leave the club?  that seems too bad given his few, but excellent, appearances with the first team.  hopefully those rumors are false.  otherwise, is bernardo ready?  is acosta ever going to be good?  how about teemu pukki?!?!?!?  🙂