for the sake of a new post heading and no longer thinking about that g-d game we should have won any more

i dont really have much to say.  im just sick of seeing the match preview, filled with false optimism and our last whisps of CL optimism.

that was yesterday’s news.  and yesterday’s subject line.

so lets look ahead!

lets give villareal hell!  they dont have a whole lot to play for since they have locked up 4th and arent close to 3rd.  additionally they have a big mid-week Europa match, so we’ll likely be getting their B squad.

we seriously DO need these points.  its a bit tough to stomach since none of us wanted to settle for Europa, but hopefully the team isn’t losing sight just how big a catastrophe failing on that lowest of targets would be.  if we’re bracing ourself for a few departures this offseason, failure to get into europa would be a veritable exodus.

and, as ive said elsewhere, i think that while 5th=6th in terms of qualification, i still believe that there is more prestige the higher your are in the table, and it becomes an easier sell to new recruits the higher up in the table.  if you’re not offering them CL competition, you can at least say “we were 5th.  ONE spot off CL.  we’ll be back.  mark my words.”  a little more convincingly than if we’re in 6th…

just trying to motivate myself to stay engaged…  well… i’ll be engaged regardless.  but its more fun when you think the games have some significance.

wont be able to watch it 🙁 typical.  so i’ll be looking forward to your comments.  next season i’ll be back in the US, so maybe i’ll finally be able to actually see our beloved sevilla play more than 4-5 games per season.

all the best everyone.