First-Hand Recap: Sevilla v. Formentera

A first-hand recap from Darren on his visit to the RSP as Sevilla put a beat down on Formentera.
Sevilla vs Formentera 9-1

It was the day of the game and just knowing id be back in the Pizjuan for the first time in 5 years was exciting and taking my wife with me for her first time was even more exciting.

During the day we wandered up and saw the new look stadium getting closer to its completion and much has changed. It is truly becoming world class on the outer, and improving great strides on the inner. After a stroll around the stadium and visit to the store and some tapas in Nervion we went back into Centro and prepared to go back for the game.

We arrived at the game around 6pm, an hour before kick off, and the stadium was nearly empty. We entered the ground and sat in our seats in P11, front row behind the Formentera bench. The view from here is brilliant bar a slight intrusion of the bench. As some supporters rolled in, we realised as expected we were surrounded by Formentera fans who, with much respect to them, came in decent numbers.  Even locals from a tapas bar we ate at the day before were Formentera fans!

The usual himno was played, but with a quarter to maybe third full stadium, it wasn’t as electric or spine tingling as i remember. Maybe it was the fact we knew we were already through and most people who came were here for a bit of cheap fun. Both teams received good support on entering the pitch and with, what i could only assume a Formentera coaching staff sitting in the stands a few seats down from us, it was quite vocal near us.

Well… at least until we banged in 1..2..3..4..5..6.. The first came with a welcome roar, but the game dwindled out and the crowd remained nearly silent for the latter as it was all too easy. Vietto finding it all too easy in the first half, Sarabia making his claim and Yedder working his way into the game slowly. The defence did look shaky at times and Formentera had a couple of good chances.

When Formentera scored in the second half, their fans erupted, the team celebrated like they had progressed and it did bring a bit more life to the game. Obviously seeing a 9-1 victory was a pretty good show put on by our boys and it was fun for me for the best part even if the crowd was a little lackluster at times (as was somewhat expected).

We did have a great time and as always fantastic to see us play in the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan. Always an experience to remember.





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  1. Does anyone know of access to the sevilla away support section in the copa del rey clash against real madrid?

    1. I sent a message to their social media guy to see if he can help out. We have been putting some ticket FAQ’s together so hopefully he can get back to me early next week.

  2. Sounds good Chris, tickets on real madrid site go on sale on the 29th so if not I’ll get one with them and sit painstakingly quiet haha

  3. Thus far….

    Good rumors: Martial, Pratto, Bacca

    Bad rumors: Depay, Baston (Llorente’s sub ffs), Calleri etc.

    If we end up loaning Martial, then hopefully it would somehow be a loan with a purchasing option. Or else, we would see both him and Nasri leave us in a sad way come summer.

    1. I’m not sure about the Martial-rumour though… isn’t he more or less a Deulofeu-type? I can’t really see him in our system and who is he supposed to replace/be a substitution for? Vitolo? Sarabia? Or maybe a striker option..?

      But I wasn’t really sure about the Nasri-rumour either, so what do I know…

    1. Hopefully they won’t recover the form till the end of January at least. By then, they will be in a serious relegation battle and will focus 100% in the league. They will say screw CL, even though I’m still confident we’re miles ahead in quality even with an in-form Leicester (which we didn’t see this season anyway, their CL group was very weak).

      Thankfully they lack midfield engine (Kante), and with the January reinforcements, we will definitely be a clear favorite in the tie. Anything can happen of course, but the tie is all ours to lose… only we can screw it up and beat ourselves, they cannot beat us, no matter how good their counters are etc.

      Sampaoli should hold a lecture on how Sevilla had 2 weaker opponents on paper in this CL stage before (Fenerbahce, CSKA) and blew it up twice… with the intention for our heroes to learn the lesson and have us through in a historical CL quarterfinal for the club. Who knows what could happen next from then on…..

  4. Excellent Darren, i didn’t get to go the game but had a walk around the new stadium design . It looks amazing. Weather’s been excellent this week.. All the best for 2017 guys..

  5. I believe they are holding stadium tours all week Mark if your interested. Check the website.

    Yeah The weather was amazing.. not exactly winter..

  6. Chris, any update on getting tickets with the away support in the copa del rey game against real? I will get tickets in general section tomorrow otherwise. Currently sitting on a beach in Santa Maria, Cape Verde, West Africa. Be back in Spain (Tenerife) in a couple days before heading to Madrid.

  7. Darren there is no chance of getting an away sector ticket. They go on sale tomorrow only to season ticket holders with a valid form of ID.

  8. Is anyone able to help?

    I am trying to purchase two tickets to the game but the pathetic excuse of a site won’t allow Australian credit cards as I have also experienced elsewhere in Spain purchasing online. I have tried four different cards now..

  9. I have found alternative means.. had to pay a little over the price but I have tickets to Real Madrid vs Sevilla at the Bernabau!

  10. Kolo on his way out, Borussia M’Gladbach rumored to offer around 10 million euros, which is great for our 5th choice CB and 3rd choice LB (after Escudero and Tremo).

    Miguel Borja is being linked with us again, this time even a stronger link than before… yes please!

    Kiyotake still not sure if he will stay or leave, the player is undecided, while it remains unknown if Sampaoli will be using him much in the second part of the season.

    A strong rumor is that we will be signing Clement Lenglet of Nancy as per the central defense requirements of Sampaoli. He will be Kolo’s replacement more or less. Never seen him play and yet to see his youtube performances (can be tricky), but he is an undisputed starter for Nancy in Ligue 1, and Nancy is in the 13th position… still, better than Valencia!

  11. We’re very close to signing Lenglet as it seems. Most probably the move will become official by Monday latest.

    Now what’s left is a DM and a striker…. vamos Monchi and Sampaoli!

    1. Forgot to add, he’s the captain of Nancy… at only 21 years old, that’s quite something for a Ligue 1 side, although a medium one.

    1. Hahahha… Nasri must be like a spoiled kid in the everyday life. I’m seriously doubting his twitter was hacked too… what else could you expect from a guy that is rehabilitating in the warm Sevilla and having the fun of his life. He also declared that he came here for the women and the food, but only after consulting with Pep, Navas, Nolito and others at City… :p

  12. We have 4 players with hat tricks for the season so far.
    I am pretty sure that in of itself is a record.
    This is wingback.
    I haven’t commented in a while since it seems more difficult now.

  13. Happy New Year to all the fellow Sevillistas!

    It has been a great 2016 and hopefully it will continue as such in the coming year… or why not even better?

    2016 has given us:

    1 EL trophy
    1 CDR final
    1 CL group stage spot
    Runner up Uefa Super Cup
    Runner up Spanish Super Cup
    Passing the CL group stage as second
    Ending the year in the third place, only 1 point less than Barca

    Sevillistas till the end of time!


  14. Happy new year to all of you and I’m looking forward to share another Sevilla FC-year with you. Keep the great comments coming and the nice discussions flowing!

    We start the year with a stretch of tough matches, but right now my focus is on Nzonzi. City, Chelsea and Arsenal are being mentioned as the ones who are trying to grab him this transferwindow. IF he absolutely has to leave I just beg that it will be after the games against Real Madrid and Sociedad but in good time for us to find a replacement.

    The best outcome would be for us if he stayed, but I think it’s getting quite critical…

    1. Knowing our management’s impulse selling capabilities… it surely will be a fearsome window with all the rumors circulating about our crucial midfield player and one of the most important (if not the most) players in the team.

      This is definitely not a time to experiment and I highly doubt that the club will show a lack of seriousness by selling N’Zonzi, in any possible scenario, though of course anything can happen nowadays… and especially when Sevilla is on the mix.

      Selling N’Zonzi this window will be a major setback for the team, however, it’s safe to say that selling N’Zonzi in the summer is more or less unavoidable as it seems. It’s definitely a pity, and we will never be a serious team like Atletico in their recent spectacular years (1 La Liga, 2 CL finals), if we helplessly keep selling our key players every season. It’s becoming a chronic disease, a non-curable one.

      Appeal to the management. Before filling your mighty pockets, stop sacrifice a bit for a few seasons and hold a strong team together, bring us a La Liga title at least (for the Sevillistas that were not alive during 45-46 season) and then go mess around again. We can’t always be the underdog team that can only win an Europa League, but then chokes everywhere else because of not having a compact squad every season… it’s beyond pathetic.

      We need to aim big and win big… the fans deserve it. Depor did it, Valencia did it, Atletico did it…. when will Sevilla do it?

  15. Shend , two days back i read a new that Sevilla concedes it’s defeat in keeping hold of Nzonzi , really? These guys at charge of Sevilla just want to sell any player they can. Even club like Athletic Bilbao don’t sell any one , owners of Spanish clubs are corrupt and greedy , excluding fans owned club, that perfectly explain their reluctance to oppose release clause that is killing most of la liga clubs , they need to understand that they can make big money on signing if release clause is done away with. It will help club, insatiable greed of Owners and everyone involved . 3rd placed team in la liga selling it’s best player for peanut in age of super rich EPL clubs? That doesn’t sound well , atleast sell players for big sum so it can finance our transfer and we can buy 20-25m range players , this season has taught risk involved with 10-15m signing players , none of these signing have done well so far. Why even bother to qualify for CL when our club act like some bottom placed team? Where will big bucks from new tv deal and cl group stage go if player’s quality is not upgraded and players keep leaving??

    1. It’s kind of out of the club’s hands though. We got Nzonzi for a very reasonable transfer fee because his contract was winding down, and honestly, a 30 million euro release clause didn’t look bad last September. If any of these teams pay his release clause, there is no bargaining or negotiating to be done. We essentially do not have a say. It’s all down to whether Nzonzi wants to leave and take the higher salary. It would be really disappointing if he left in January. Not only would it fuck the team over, but he’d be sacrificing his first ever CL knockout round matches for a 6 month salary bump. It’s up to him to decide if it’s worth it. But if any of these teams think they’ll get him for slightly under his release clause (or in a swap deal involving Nasri), Monchi better tell them to fuck off.

      As much as the constant selling has been frustrating, La Liga’s rule requiring a buyout clause is what’s forced our hand more often than not. Granted, you could argue that we are setting the buyout clause too low, but in reality, often times the buyout clause we’re setting is somewhere between 5 and 10 times what we paid for the player. In order to raise that midcontract, we would have to give the player a salary increase, which we’ve been doing more in recent years, but we still can’t compete with the megaclubs when it comes down to that. Nzonzi’s rumored to be on 50,000 per week, and even if we doubled that in order to raise his release clause to 40 or 45m, that’s still peanuts compared to what Man City or Barca or Juve are paying their top players.

      I really hope he doesn’t leave this month. I know there’s no loyalty in modern football, but it would be really shitty timing if he left now. And it could really crush the morale of the team. There’s no like-for-like replacement to be had in the winter transfer market that would be able to immediately assimilate.

      1. thank you for articulating this so nicely jolazo. i’ve been saying this for years. if we didn’t allow top players to take the next step, we would have more trouble getting top players, unless we payed MUCH higher salaries. which we are very far from doing. would be great to see the team transition towards that model, but we’re not there yet. i hope we get there.

        i alo find over-reacting to rumored (and not completed) departures a little pointless. everyone can do what keeps them entertained, but we hear lots of rumors around here. some do come true, but most don’t. we’ll see what category this one falls into within the next month or so.

    2. Jose Castro said that offers are already coming for buying the club. I would be looking forward to that only if we keep going like this. Cheap mentality is cheap…. Atletico didn’t do wonders by being cheap and selling their best players every season. Sure they had lots of debt, but it will pay off for them quite soon now with the new TV deal etc. I did an analysis of their squad building strategy since 2012 with Simeone on charge, and maximally they had 1 key player leave, and 1-2 other players that were not irreplaceable.

      We were quite lucky not to be fighting for relegation after selling the stars every season…. but that is all due to Monchi (though he also had his wrong picks). However, what when Monchi leaves (most probably this coming summer)? There will be no magic stick anymore.

      This is an ongoing issue which will be fixed only if: 1) The management changes the approach/strategy and even sacrifices with the aim of being a big club once and for all OR 2) The management gives up and sells the club to the highest bidder (though we could risk having Valencia’s scenario).

      Moreover, the clauses definitely played a huge role in our selling policy. However, there’s nothing that would prevent the club of setting astronomic clauses in order to protect the players. If RFEF doesn’t want to change that, then counter by setting 100 million clauses to every player that we sign… which would leave a lot of room for negotiation of any kind.

      If there’s a will… there’s always a way… but the will is clearly not there unfortunately.

      1. agree with most of that shendm. except the part about setting higher clause being as simple as you describe it. as jolazo articulated, a higher released clause would require MUCH higher salaries paid to players for people to be willing to come here. one reason we get such high level talent with such a low wage bill is because they know that if man city or barca come looking for them, they will be able to get their big career payday.

        i agree i want us moving in that direction (release clauses in the 30-50 range). i think we are a bit… but id like that progress to move faster (as most of us would).

      2. To your point that there’s nothing stopping the club from setting astronomic buyout clauses, I think you’re ignoring the say that the players have in that. Players, like it or not, view Sevilla as one of the premier stepping stone clubs (along with Porto, Benfica, Ajax, Villarreal, etc) to make a move to the megaclubs. These guys dream of players for the giant clubs, not Sevilla. In order to bring these guys to Sevilla, we have to accomodate the likelihood that if and when they have success here, they will be able to make the next step in their career. If we put a ridiculous release clause in their contract, it would take away all their bargaining power should a megaclub come in for them. Now from the club’s perspective, and certainly from a fan’s perspective, we would want all the bargaining power to be with the club so that we could resist those predatory bids when they come in. But after a while, it would effect the way players view the club. They would be less willing to join the club knowing that their path to making a move to a megaclub has a serious impediment in the form of a gigantic release clause.

        We could try to go that route, but I’m pretty sure it would backfire on us quickly and we would stop getting these players who are a few years away from being world class and moving on to one of the megaclubs.

        I’m not a fan of the Atletico comparison either. Atleti is paying two and often three times as much for their incoming transfers as we are. With a higher transfer fee, it’s easier to set a higher buyout clause, which gives the club more leverage in resisting outside bids. They can also pay higher wages. They are buying established players, not mining for diamonds in the rough like we are. Our finances have improved recently, but we still aren’t in a position spend what Atleti has for their players over the last decade.

      3. Well… Atletico was not even close to the level they’ve reached from 2012 until now. It was all done with a clear strategy. We have stagnated and remained a seller club… but not even near Porto who sells their best players twice or more the price that we sell our best ones.

        Something tells me that we would be making the step further with Del Nido… not completely sure about that, but we need a management with more guts to sacrifice in order to be a big club once and for all.

        We’re so close to achieving that, 3 EL’s in a row… doing well in league and CL and all that…. but we’re still trying to settle for 5-10 million signings. Just now there’s a report from France with Rennes’ president stating that Monchi’s offer for their growing star Gnagno (19 yo CB) of 10 million euros to be paid in two installments is ridiculous and an aberration to the football economy…. quite strong words from a President of a modest club like Rennes.

        Also, a good example of a wise managing decision (again Atletico comparison, because they are the role model to follow when it comes to stepping it up), they’ve signed Carrasco for 20 million from Monaco and set a 100 million release clause. Pretty sure the player never dreamed of ending the career in Atletico, so his say wasn’t taken much into consideration, moreover, a signing fee of 20 million is not an astronomical sum, while we’ve signed Mudo for 15 million and Correa for 13 million euros.

        Therefore, our strategy and mindset remains… sell whenever you get the chance. Buy low, sell high… now we’re buying a little bit higher but that’s it… still selling low and the profit margin is still not that big enough to have a huge impact in the club’s economy.

        This will not lead anywhere near to becoming the big club we all are dreaming of.

      4. i hear what you’re saying shendm and sympathize but am much more in line with jolazo’s take.

        i think that we are seeing a move in the direction your suggesting. just not as fast as you might like. this past offseason the guys we signed were with the biggest fees since we tried and failed with romaric in those few years where we overextended. how our most recent signings playout still remains to be seen… i think after initial excitement we’ve all cooled on mudo and ganso. sarabia and mercado have been pretty good, while correa has shown flashes but seems very young and raw. but, as you point out, these guys are in the 7-12 million range, not the established star range of 20+.

        ive said this a thousand times but i want us to continue making the shift towards higher salaries, higher release clauses and greater stability. and to continue renegotiating contracts with players who come here and start to break out but are happy here (like nzonzi if we can restructure his contract/clause to be better in line with his market value).

      5. Hopefully we’ll live long enough to evoke Sevilla as a big club, constantly battling for the title and reaching high places in CL. Who knows how long that will take…. but definitely I agree that there are little sparks of change.

  16. although they are in comfortable 9th position in the table, sevilla atletico are just 6 points above 19th (the first relegation spot in the segunda because there are 22 teams). the segunda is very even, which means that they are both close to promotion spots (not that they matter) and to relegation.

    they had a great start, but they still have A LOT of work to do in order to safely remain in the segunda for next season. will be fun to follow and support them.

  17. Anyone know much of Leonel Vangioni? Apparently he is about to join and Monchis has reached an agreement. Guessing it’s a Sampaoli player as he’s another Argentine. Ex river plate currently at AC Milan although wiki says he hasn’t played in 2016? A left back.

    1. Saw the rumors linking him to Milan in the summer and he ended up joining them. Know nothing more than a couple of YT videos. Our main LB is Escudero, however, having another LB (since Tremo is not returning soon as it seems) would be a wise thing to do. Even a loan would do the job, now that we don’t have Kolo who is leaving for M’Gladbach, and Mercado sucks at LB.

  18. Reportedly the first official offer came in for N’Zonzi from Everton… and he refused them immediately. Let’s see what happens when Arsenal and others approach… hopefully the same answer.

    We’re linked with Stevan Jovetic for the attacking spot. He’s rather a winger, but could be used as a second striker when we’ll play 3-5-2, and he is top quality so he can definitely help us a lot along the journey to the end of the season.

  19. Perfectly put on Shend, if release clause forced our hands, then why we sold many players way below their release clause? 26m for kyrchowiak when his clause was 40m. Clubs like Benefica , Porto have similar income to Sevilla if not less , but they sell their players way above their value, bilbao simply ask others to pay the release clause. Saying it’s out of club’s hand is too simplistic , sorry Jolazo, but anyone who follow transfer markets around the world will not agree with you. Even Villareal sold Bailey for 40m , and we sold Raikitic for 20m lol, Kyrchowiak for 26m, shall i go on?

  20. This isn’t contradictory. I follow transfers and I do agree with jolazo. If a team wants to pay the clause, there’s nothing we can do at that point. Selling players below the clause is a different topic but it’s still about leverage. And it’s ultimately up to the club. We risked letting those guys walk for nothing. Rakitic would’ve left for free if we hadn’t taken what we could at that time,

    What I do find annoying is players threatening to sit out if they aren’t given the transfer they want. If you sign a contract, you should be willing to honor it and give your all. But in practice, that doesn’t always happen. And so, because players have more influence and can force a departure, teams (such as our own) may be forced to sell under the release clause.

    There are many factors at play. Release clauses are one. Salaries are another.

    1. Rico gave a good example with Bailly there. How come an average defender (pretty sure not better than Rami, Pareja etc.) is sold for 40 million. Perhaps he agreed with that clause or that signing fee… perhaps he had an astronomical salary…. perhaps he wanted to end his career at Villarreal so he could leave only for a fat sum of 40 million euros? I don’t think so… it was all management’s tactics and success with a high margin profit.

      Bailly was not even Villarreal’s best player… far away from that, yet they pocketed 40 million E. While we in the other hand, are selling our most important players, even captains like Rakitic, for peanuts.

      Moreover, we sold our one of the best defenders ever at that time (Fazio) for 10 million euros…. that says a lot for our policy. Basically, we sell the moment we can, and that’s harming us. Wrong managements strategy is wrong, nothing to say about that. It’s another thing we have Monchi (a great advantage) that other teams don’t…. so that camouflaged the low selling a bit, but still, it is damaging us in the long run, which is, becoming a top club so that not every player uses us as a trampoline, but players will want to come here and consider playing for at least 3 seasons (again, Atletico is a great example), before eventually leaving… or not!

      1. bailly had four years left on his deal with villareal at the time he left. rakitic had half.

        bailly was 21 at the time. probably wildly overrated, but that’s for man utd to determine.

        i sincerely doubt man utd paid more than the release clause. and it was 30 million pounds not 40 million euros.

  21. RM will be missing a bunch of players in the first match… Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Bale all missing too.

    And Lenglet is refusing to practice to try and force his move to us… so it sometimes works in our favor as well.

    1. Parejo tried that tactic but it didn’t work. Hopefully it works for Lenglet, although Nancy’s president said that they will most likely sell him to us, but they want a deadline till 31st of January in order to find a replacement for themselves…. and they know that we can’t wait that long, so things need to be expedited a bit.

  22. See we have named a strong squad for the game tomorrow.. where as Real have left out Ronaldo and along with their injuries it is a great opportunity for us to take the lead in the copa duel.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow night.

    1. I just hope that RM won’t be bottling the Copa in exchange for a victory in the league match in 11 days.

      RM are sneaky bastards and need to be treated as such. The big wish is to have them eliminated in CDR and beat them in La Liga, but the reality is that they will either do both (advance in cup and beat us in LL) or at least one of them. The players that are missing for them in the first round are just being rested… which is logical, and they will all be at 100% for the second leg of copa and the league match, except Bale of course.

      We need to be very careful and I hope Sampaoli has prepared something interesting for these 2 weeks as we will be facing Real Sociedad to make up for a very tough match in between the matches vs. RM.

  23. Of course.. but if somehow we get a first leg victory in the copa, it means we can concentrate on the league games and play for a very achieve able draw at the RSP. If we don’t gain out of this game and burn energy of the first eleven it will be a waste. Which is what Real are playing for I think. To burn us out and still get something themselves.

  24. Kyrchowiak also had contract till 19, and it’s not as if Club lost him on account of PSG paying a release clause , they paid well below the release clause, imho, there are two issue with the club, setting low release clause and then selling players even below the release clause, Fc Porto, Villareal , Benefica earn less than us ,still they’re able to put high release clause and sell double than what we are selling our players. Don’t be deluded by our 3 uefa cup, this policy hasn’t worked as better as one would like us to believe, we’re 5th richest club in Spain, but we finished 5th once in last few years, let alone 4 th place finish. As far as Atletico rise is concerned , (i’ve been closely following their rise since i’ve few Atleti friends) their income was 100 m till 2011, with cl qualification they tied out core of players with big contracts (untouchables) they were Godin, Koke, Gabi, Juanfran etc. And they sold one player a season, and that too with huge debt . Now their income has rose to 300m , and keep most of their players. My point is are we chnaging our straregy with change in annual income ? noone is asking club to buy and renew players with debt , but with the new money that’s flowing and yes , that big money is big enough to tie our core players. 45m atleast from cl and 40m extra from new domestic tv money. There’s no excuse , if you support Castro and co pocketing big money then fine , but excuses i’ve been listening doesn’t make sense. We can’t forever dwell in 2010 when other clubs are riding the big money gravy train.