Finishing Unfinished Business: Fiorentina v Sevilla

We ARE NOT in the Europa finals.  We have 90+ minutes of battle before we know who will be in the final and that is an amount of time which makes me sufficiently nervous that I had trouble eating my breakfast this morning.

We have up to two left that matter this season.  And if we slip up today, we will have nothing remaining to play for and an offseason of heavy roster rotation to look forward to.  We the Europa.  And we need this match

Of course with even a single goal, this tie would seem almost certain (Fiorentina will need five).  And our counterattacking strategy suits us well for this type of a match.  But if Fiorentina score early, this could be a very long and very uncomfortable night.  I’m really hoping for as little drama as possible.  Let’s book our ticket to Warsaw guys.  But summon all of your strength and focus as you can possibly manage for the next 90+ minutes and make us proud.