Finally: Sevilla v Las Palmas

Nothing makes me angrier than the international break that interrupts the season just as it has gotten started.  KILLS excitement for the leagues.

Anyway, after a completely tumultuous offseason, the international break was pretty quiet.  Vitolo kicked ass and took names for Spain.  Some other guys did some other stuff.  But now we get real football again!

Way too prematurely, suddenly Las Palmas are everyone’s darling dark horse all of a sudden.  La Liga’s Leicester City if you will.  Utter nonsense.  Let’s hope we give them a nice RSP welcome and run away with a 4-0 win.  Of course, they are definitely a team to be taken seriously, and have some high quality players such as Roque Mesa who we were chasing literally all transfer season.  And of course, they have old friend/local hero Javi Varas.  Fortunately for us, they may be missing some key players like Kevin-Prince Boateng and Viera.

On our end, many of the guys have had some time to settle, maybe better organize our defense, or get some fitness (looking at you Ganso).  Also, Iborra got an extension which is nice as a team leader (though puzzling in terms of longer term fit with team tactics).  Although we also have some guys who may be either exhausted or slightly injured coming out of the break, notably Vietto, Vitolo, and Kiyotake.  As others mentioned, it might be a good excuse to give some guys a little rest anticipating our mid-week CL matchup.  So, might expect to see Ben Yedder, Correa, or even Ganso in the lineup.  Oh, and of course, we apparently have some new French guy sitting on our bench who flew in from Manchester.  Might catch a glimpse of him too.

Anyway, thank goodness games are starting again.  Home games are non-negotiable.  We need three points.  Anything less will be a disappointment.