Fabiano Possibly Wants to Leave, is Definitely Staying

I learned Spanish in college despite growing up in a monolingual household, and I think I can say I’m fluent. I am proud of this fact, and I think I have at least a small measure of linguistic ability–I can usually decipher at least some meaning from other Romance languages with a little study, and can pick up bits of other languages when I’m around them. I’m no Noam Chomsky, but I do ok for myself.

But when professional soccer players talk about themselves in the transfer market, I just read their words over and over again while constantly mumbling the sentences to myself. WHAT DO THE WORDS YOU ARE SAYING MEAN, MAN?!?!

Oh hey, on a completely unrelated note, Fabiano stopped by the press conference in Sevilla today, and had this to say:

“I’m going through a tough period, but it isn’t the end of the world. I’m not thinking about leaving in January. I just want to play again. January is a long way away. I don’t know what will happen… If things remained the same in January I would seek a solution. I want continuity. I don’t want to play one game and spend the next on the bench. I don’t understand something that isn’t good for Sevilla. It isn’t good for me either.”

So he’s not thinking about leaving in January, which is a long way away, after all. But if things don’t change in the next 2.5 months, he will…seek a solution. Oh, ok. Thanks for clearing that up. (Incidentally, I stopped by the official site for their broken HTML account, but the issue isn’t poor translation into English, just the usual playerspeak.) I think his central point is summed up in his desire to play every game and not be rotated. As far as that goes, I’m not sure he’s going to find that at Sevilla regardless of his form. Manzano seems to be willing to play with the formation and lineup, and it seems that at least for some games we’ll be playing with a lone striker, and some of those games it’s going to be Negredo, who I think is in better form than Fabiano right now (it would seem Manzano feels the same).

I think we’ve all said this at some point, but I’m not really that frustrated with Fabiano or upset that he’s kinda maybe sorta thinking about one day possibly in the nearish future perhaps leaving. That’s his right, and if he wanted to leave today I don’t think that would undo or tarnish his legacy up to this point. He’s really thrived at Sevilla, and the relationship has been mutually beneficial for club and player. And I certainly understand his desire to play at a club where he’s an automatic selection–he’s a gifted striker who should be (age and experience-wise) in the prime of his career. If he can’t find that at Sevilla, my only hope is that he finds a club where he can get what he wants, and that we get value for him.

But that’s just me–what do you all think?