Europa Semifinal Draw: Sevilla – Fiorentina

This morning was the draw for the Europa League semifinals, and Sevilla has been matched with Fiorentina, currently sixth in the Serie A. As ever, I don’t really know anything about our opponents (other their place in the Italian league table, which I looked up 30 seconds ago). I certainly wouldn’t claim confidence enough to actually put money on any given outcome, but I assume Sevilla is the favorite to win the entire tournament at this point, based on form, being from La Liga, tournament pedigree, and how everyone says that nunca se rinde. The above link has some interesting tidbits about this match, including that Sevilla would be the first team to win the Europa four times if they go on to win it all, that these two teams have never met in European competition before, oh and they have some guy named Joaquín. That name sounds familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on it…oh well, it’s probably not important.


Anyway, Sevilla hosts the first leg on the seventh of May, and of course the return leg is a week later. And the final is May 27 if you’re marking your calendar. Boldly place your predictions, tactical insights, and worries (WHY GOD DID YOU HAVE TO TAKE PAREJA’S KNEE) in the comments below!