Estoril – Sevilla Match Comments

So, today Sevilla begins its Europa quest. All the drama (and court battles) of last season and the qualifying matches this summer have (finally!) brought us to today, and have brought the team to Estoril and its tiny stadium. Sevilla has of course famously struggled for the last year to win games away from home, and while that particular struggle has mostly applied to Liga games, the club may have stumbled upon a handy solution to the away game dilemma: fully half of the 5,000 seats in Estoril’s stadium today will be filled with rojiblanco butts, an impressive feat for the supporters and a likely not-insignificant boost for a team that seems to have contracted Jesus Navas’ homesickness problem when he left the club.

So hopefully the crowd will help Sevilla celebrate a triumphant return to European play. It’s been too long, it’s great to be back; let’s do this.