Essential Midweek Notes

We’re five weeks into the season and undefeated, but not all is resting quietly and contentedly in Nervión. For one, city rivals Betis still sit atop the table. Oh no! Word of this situation and other news have been read on my computer screen via our pals over at

  • Marcelino will have to make a choice in midfield between Rakitic and Campaña this week, with Trochowski’s red card suspension for this week. I would have slight reservations with either choice, honestly. Campaña’s youth/inexperience or Rakitic’s 70% form.
  • Negredo is hurt. OOF. He left yesterday’s training session with an injury that threatens to keep him out of the lineup this weekend. Gee, sure wish we had someone other than Manu to throw in there. Kanouté is also hurt (let’s just make this a footnote for every midweek post all year), so we could be looking at another round of 4-1-4-1 or 4-2-3-1. Either way, I think we all know that we need another striker. Duh.
  • Marcelino has spoken briefly about the kind of team he wants to see when his system takes complete effect: “I want a Sevilla that constantly attacks and presses to take the ball away from our rivals. I also want a team that plays the counter and can steal the ball as far from our goal as possible. I do not want a team that gives the ball away.” Throw out the last sentence as a lesson in Sports 101. On Palop: “He has done an exceptional job of accepting his role with the team for the benefit of the whole group. He has been a wonderful professional.” On Fazio: The spot that Fazio should be fighting to play is CB. This summer he played DM because Medel wasn’t here. He played in Hannover because we thought that Medel wasn’t ready to play. In Pamplona he also played because he was a good fit for the opponent and because we wanted him to play more. In that match he played well.”
  • Finally, it appears that Atlético and Valencia have called a meeting of the LFP and all clubs for next Monday, presumably to discuss TV revenue. We’ll see what becomes of it, but I wouldn’t expect much given Gil Marín’s tail-between-legs apology last week before the LFP. Still, the issue is out there on the table. I’m hoping for at least some more verbal sparring between Del Nido and Florentino. They tend to make Del Nido look like a revolutionary badass and Florentino like an aloof, smug jackass.