Espanyol – Sevilla: The Final Week

Final Match Day Liveblog: Espanyol-Sevilla Liveblog

So we come to the end of a season that for many has been kind of a disappointment, and for some has been a total disappointment. How our season is ultimately judged may be in large part determined by today’s results: with a win we can finish 5th, but with a tie or loss we could finish as low as 7th, which looks bad and also means we’ll have to qualify for Europa and so on.

We’ll take on the task today with our usual slew of injured players, and will once again unfortunately be without a first- or second-choice winger as both Capel and Perotti were unable to recover sufficiently from their injuries and are out today. Kanouté’s father passed away this week and he flew to France for the funeral/ceremony, but he is evidently flying from France to Barcelona this morning to be ready to play this evening. When people die, games seem so tiny and insignificant, and if Kanouté had elected to stay with his family I would have felt nothing but sympathy for his loss. That he’s made such a remarkable effort to be with the team today is yet one more testament to the man’s incredible commitment and dedication to the cause in Sevilla. True legend, period.

Our opponents Espanyol, of course, have little to play for as they’ve been eliminated from contention for EL (remember when they were in FOURTH PLACE like 3 months into the season? I think without looking too hard that with the right results they could fall to 12th today.). Meanwhile, Atletico plays Mallorca, who are presently 2 points clear of the drop and therefore in need of a win, and Athletic plays Racing Santander, probably playing only for whatever favors Bilbao is promising them if they’ll lose. We need to win this game, is what I’m saying.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the table, Sevilla is not the only team whose season could go from tolerable to terrible today: six teams are at risk of joining Hercules and Almería in the relegation zone, and as you might expect it’s a pretty complicated scenario that only the typewriter-mashing monkeys in Madrid can sort out. Say what you want about Marca (I just did), but one place they’ve always excelled in my opinion is in the interactive graphics department, and the final week of this season is no exception: check out this calculator to try out some scenarios to see which team will be relegated based on various results. It should be interesting and dramatic viewing, and it may well make finding a feed difficult once again as Sevilla is playing at the same time (4pm ET) as all the relegation-threatened teams.

If Aaron reads this and feels like it [edit: he did, and he did–see above or click Espanyol-Sevilla Liveblog], there’ll be a Liveblog link somewhere around here for more fun and excitement during the game. And if he doesn’t, we’ll shout our advice to Manzano in the comments–either way, come back before game time for super fun match hysteria time!!!