Espanyol – Sevilla Match Comments

I wouldn’t say Sevilla’s opener at home last weekend was a disaster, but I’m betting I’m not the only one with a bitter taste in my mouth from seeing the team drip points (again) in the last 10 minutes (again) while up a man (AGAIN). A game against Valencia is never easy, and we knew going into the game that this team would be rough around the edges to start the season. And…it sure was.

So today we visit Espanyol, a team that had the same 1–1 result as we did, albeit with the opposite emotion; a goal from Sergio Garcia in the 94’ saved a point at Almeria. So if momentum matter at all, Espanyol has the upper hand. Even as the visiting team, I have to think Sevilla is the favorite here today. Sure, they looked underwhelming for long stretches last week, and of course we watched Beto leave the game, and there’s the Fazio business, and the midfield and the defense seemed to have trouble getting the ball to Bacca. But on the other hand, we have Bacca, who looked on a whole other level every time he touched the ball. Here’s hoping he touches the ball a lot today.

The team picked up Kolodziejczak (note: that is the last time I will spell that name out in its entirety. Blog, meet Kolo. And I believe you’ve already met Krycho. This is getting ridiculous.) this week to substitue Mr. Fazio. Potentially not a disaster, I guess? I don’t know. Monchi signing players I’ve heard of this summer has been a strange and unfamiliar experience; I’m glad he’s back to signing people of whom even YouTube has very little knowledge. I just wish he’d choose a few names just a tiny bit more spell-check friendly. Anyway, with injuries, recent departures, and recent arrivals, this would be a tough starting XI to pick any time of year. But here in week 2 it’s basically impossible to guess. So I’ll leave it to you in the comments section to predict. I’m not even sure about the formation to be honest.

This match will go a long way to coloring the early season. A home draw with Valencia followed by an away win at Espanyol paints a pretty decent picture for the club’s early season. Anything less than three points, though, and it’s going to be a long week in the comments section.

Vamos, basically.