Espanyol – Sevilla Match Comments: Limping to the Finish Line

Finally we arrive to this match, a game I think we’re all happy to see because it means we don’t have to watch any more of these games for awhile. FINALLY.

Obviously it’s been a rough season, and we’ll save the retrospectives for the off-season, but it’s been awhile since Sevilla had so little to play for on the last day of the season. We perhaps should have foreseen some of what this year brought us, but of course no one did, so this final game feels not like a sad farewell or a triumphant victory lap, but more like…nothing at all. It’s weird to feel so little on match day 38, but I guess as much as anything it’s a great time to remind ourselves how lucky we’ve been the last decade or so, that we’ve so often had reason to bite our nails in April and May, and…

Actually, I can’t put my heart into finding a silver lining here. Let’s get this over with, eh?