Espanyol – Sevilla Match Comments

Betis, with the help of some dubious officiating, grabbed a point from third-place Barcelona this morning (hey, those early Sunday games are a real bitch, am I right, Barca??), which paves the way for Sevilla to establish a full 3 points between them in 2nd place and Barca in 3rd. It was an auspicious start for the southerners in this Andalucia vs Catalunya doubleheader! As Rene pointed out earlier this week, points are about to get really hard to come by, and as we’ve said on this site for years, it is precisely these games–away, against mid-table teams–upon which Sevilla’s successes and failures are built. Sevilla’s current form is the best in La Liga (five straight wins, and 7 wins from last 8 matches), and with Real Madrid currently in meltdown mode, there is a very real chance that a win today could see Sevilla go top of the table when this week ends. Top of the table! In week TWENTY!


Every single game is a big game at either end of the table, but especially THIS end. This is a big game. Let’s do this. Vamos.