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Betis, with the help of some dubious officiating, grabbed a point from third-place Barcelona this morning (hey, those early Sunday games are a real bitch, am I right, Barca??), which paves the way for Sevilla to establish a full 3 points between them in 2nd place and Barca in 3rd. It was an auspicious start for the southerners in this Andalucia vs Catalunya doubleheader! As Rene pointed out earlier this week, points are about to get really hard to come by, and as we’ve said on this site for years, it is precisely these games–away, against mid-table teams–upon which Sevilla’s successes and failures are built. Sevilla’s current form is the best in La Liga (five straight wins, and 7 wins from last 8 matches), and with Real Madrid currently in meltdown mode, there is a very real chance that a win today could see Sevilla go top of the table when this week ends. Top of the table! In week TWENTY!


Every single game is a big game at either end of the table, but especially THIS end. This is a big game. Let’s do this. Vamos.

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  1. Official lineup:


    Mariano – Pareja – Rami – Escudero


    Sarabia Nasri


    WBY – Jovetic

    Maybe not the exact formation but something like this. Not bad… hopefully we can dominate as always and make this a comfortable win, rather than an unnecessary drama that could go either way at the end.

    We need the 3 points today!


  2. I think this is my favorite line up minus Vitolo being out. Espanyol undefeated at home in last 6 games. Time to snap another streak. Vamos!

  3. Just joined. So furious… how do you give a straight red in the first minute?

    Seems like they were hanging on well but that goal is pretty demoralizing just before the half.

  4. Dammit… Pareja messed this one up… but it really was a very soft push to be called a penalty.

    Nevertheless, for the most part of the first half, we dominated and played well. They had 5 minutes of shinning by the end of the first half and we couldn’t handle them. I guess we will not be able to take more than a point from this already complicated match, but anyway, it is a bit better that this scenario happened, so that the team gets used to playing with 1 less, which is very important in this second part of the season.

    We were 1 less vs. Juve and the players were lost in the pitch… until capitulating by the end of the match.

    Even 1 point would be golden at this situation… but I highly doubt it since Espanyol can create chances way easier than us with the player advantage.

  5. What the fuck?!?! Just saw a replay. That was a red?!?! If anything a yellow for diving. Absolutely outrageous.

  6. Also I think now that, especially after Barca’s ridiculously disallowed goal (1m inside the goal line, but no technology eh?), Uncle Flo is starting to get the refs on the payroll. With RM’s recent injuries and poor form, now what will be needed is help from all fronts, anything that would make sure they have a comfortable lead at the top of the table, which would provide safety and a higher margin for error.

    Good job Uncle Flo… you truly are a pitiful bastard!

    P.S. After analyzing Pareja’s “push”, he was positioned in the same line as Rami, so he was not technically the last man… thus, no red by official rules… but of course, red after getting a new car or whatever Uncle Flo decided for this lucky referee.

    Oh and also, bribed or not bribed, the Spanish referees are the worst of all the top leagues, hands down.

  7. unbelievable. on that header the defender was literally dragging us down (didnt see who) in the box. you could see the jersey being pulled way out from his body as they fell. no call. then ag oal at the other end.

    out-fucking rageous.

    i usually leave the conspiracy theories to shendm. but today really gives me some serious doubts. furious.

    1. Seriously though, the influence of Florentino Perez in La Liga is immense. Another thing that you cannot stop Barca with Messi on GOD MODE…. that is a whole different thing. However, when RM wants to really win the league, as soon as they take a lead (3-4 points), it’s all over at that point. The referees are human beings too and just as players get “bribed” by other teams for higher wages, they also work for particular someone, in this case RM. It is a widely-known thing and not a conspiracy at all… not to mention the fact that Tebas is a RM fan and an ex-La Liga referee admitted that most of the referees are RM fans (at that time, but pretty sure now also).

  8. 3-1

    If we can get a goal before ’85 then we still have a chance

    their extra man advantage is telling though, referee ruined this game from the start

  9. Ok now that the La Liga dream is over… we need to come back to reality and admit that the team does not actually have a ‘plan B’ when 1 man down. We showed the same pathetic performance vs. Juve in the second half and same tonight… a totally different team in the second half, the foot totally out of the pedal and clueless as to what to do… as if we were 3-4 players down not only 1.

    Also, a bit disappointed in Sampaoli that left the team for the last 20 mins with only the impotent Vietto up front… I mean, he’s the third choice striker clearly after WBY and Jojo…. but why leave him alone up there? Do we have mid-week matches? Quite weird to be honest…. didn’t expect this.

    We had a good opportunity to get ahead of Barca and be serious for the title, but it seems that with this level of refereeing and RM’s corruption (then that guy meme asks why people hate RM…. there’s no rocket science, they’re simply a filthy club with a filthy owner like Uncle Flo).

    Now we should fight hard to keep this third place that we currently have (Barca better h2h so far). We’re 6 points ahead of Atletico, but that is nothing. 2 more referee “mistakes” and/or gutless performances like vs. Granada, Eibar etc. in the first round… and we can see ourselves out of the CL group stage zone.

    Pareja a huge blow for the match vs. Villarreal, but hopefully we’ll play with 3 at the back in that match, and Mercado/Lenglet will be able to cover well. We are clearly more comfortable at the back with 3 CB’s… and even though we conceded 2 last match vs. Osasuna (1 after everything was over, so wouldn’t count it), still, a more compact side with 3 at the back, plus we are a bigger threat up front.

  10. Fucking ref and I agree. The league and officials want Real Madrid to win it! Makes me sick to the stomach!

    However, I have no sympathy for Barca whatsoever, I have sympathy for us and rest of the league.

    Barca and real get what they want. Usually Barca get the decisions too but they not this time and now they moan like babies. They never ask for fairness when it’s going there way though!

    I hate Barca and Real Madrid with a passion!!

  11. Will watch tonight’s RM watch and cheer for the referee. I’d like to see Penaldo getting 2-3 penalties (1 at least) and some reds going Sociedad’s way. VAMOS PUTA ARBITRO!

  12. Ref could have tried to avoid the double-whammy there and give a yellow after already awarding a penalty. But this is La Liga, where players fall over after the slightest touch. I guess we escaped one away at Deportivo. Oh well. All will be forgiven when we win at Las Palmas.

    Nasri was a man possessed in that 1st half. Espanyol’s 2nd goal really deflated us. I guess the subs were made to avoid unnecessary fatigue to our players, especially with our style of play.

    All eyez on Real now.

      1. Finally 3-0…now they are 4 points away with one game more to play.Still lot’s of games ahead,next month Puta Madrid traveling to Celta,Mestallia and Madrigal.They last two they play in between 3 days.I thing they will loose points..somehow..somewhere.We have to be close,keep winning in February and will see what happen..so dont see black everything,yes they have the ref with them,i agree,but still we can fight,we are stong this year.Also we will not loose 3 or 4 spot..its clear we are far better form everybody down there.
        As for today,lot’s to say for the game,but i only say:Fucking,Motherfucking ref,we will never loose with 11 men tonight,even with 1-0 down in 1min…anyway..VAMOS!Focus on Villarreal and Celta will do the job(again)

  13. Random news;

    Ex Sevilla player Baba who was quite underwhelming has just joined my local club Adelaide United. Should be good for Adelaide I hope.

    Who remembers much of Baba?

  14. That’s great. As for Baba, wasn’t he our most expensive signing at that time? I think he was leading the Portuguese league in goals at the time. What a bust

  15. Baba was a flop… although not a very bad striker in overall, but he just didn’t fit here… similar to the cases of Aspas and/or Immobile. I remember him scoring for an equalizer vs. Atletico and thought that he would do even better from then on… but he didn’t live up to his expectations. Still better than Rusescu though.

    As for N’Zonzi, this is great news, now even if we end up selling him in the summer, 40 million is surely way better than 30 million euros, and we can get 2 decent midfielders with that money or even less… nice work from the management and finally things are starting to make sense contract-management wise, we are in the process of becoming a serious club once and for all.

    I think, as Monchi mentioned also and it is widely acknowledged within Sevillistas, that a lot of decisions that the players make to stay one more year or give it another shot etc. is mainly because of the great atmosphere both in the RSP, in the locker rooms and in the city… Sevilla is just great, simple as that.

  16. Monchi reportedly very calm about Kiyotake’s case and CL complications.

    As it seems, Ganso is a priority to leave, in order to free a spot for Montoya, who is already staying at the club and will look forward to play as soon as possible.

    The Japan transfer window closes on 1st of April, thus there will be a lot of time to prepare a transfer of him in Japan (the most rumored lately) and not rush things so that a CL player spot is ceased. The change on the CL team can be made anytime, 2 replacements will be made clearly with Jovetic and Soria, replacing Ganso and Sirigu, while the other spot will remain to be seen whether it will be Lenglet or Montoya as a replacement for Kiyotake.

    Monchi is being wise here by not acting quick… depending in our CL needs if we pass Leicester.

    Let’s see what happens till the end. What is clear at the moment is that no one else beside Ganso, Kiyotake and Sirigu are leaving. N’Zonzi renewed and we are already preparing some interesting transfers with a lot of names rumored for the summer, the latest being Thorgan Hazard, a very good winger/striker playing in M’Gladbach, most probably a replacement for Vietto, who we are clearly not going to exercise the purchase option for.

  17. In other news, Villarreal will be without their most important players recently for the match against us in the weekend.

    Soriano, Alvaro Gonzalez (5 yellows), Sansone (injury), Pato (signed for a Chinese team and already in China).

    This should make it a lot easier for us and it would be a pity to come out with anything other than 3 points vs. Villarreal on Sunday.

  18. Reports from France that Adil Rami is already in Paris and will join PSG or Marseille? Hope that’s not true as it would mess a lot of things up, from the CL spot to the squad composure etc.

  19. Kiyotake off to Osaka in Japan. Good luck kiyo.. you deserved a better chance!

    Montoyo will take his shirt number.

  20. Ok so, as things are standing, Kiyotake, Kolo and Sirigu are out, Lenglet, Jovetic and Montoya are in. Monchi explained that Lenglet and Jovetic will be included in the CL squad, while Montoya will be left out, though he’ll have lots of opportunities to play in the league.

    Ganso stays for the moment, even though the transfer window in Brazil is open till 31st of March, so anything can happen until then as Santos was looking to transfer him recently (rumored).

    Now we have: N’Zonzi, Iborra, Kranevitter, Ganso (CL) / N’Zonzi, Iborra, Montoya, Kranevitter, Ganso (La Liga).

    Not bad… though I’d be very frustrated if Kranevitter would get a single minute from now on, especially in La Liga with Montoya in the team. Ganso will also probably not be called up, and it will be better for him to leave in Brazil, where everyone loves him and he feels at home, as he certainly didn’t cut it for European football… to the point where even a Turkish club didn’t want him because their coach said he isn’t fit for European football and can’t help their team…. sad but true.

  21. i knew nothing about this, but apparently early in the season, one of Kiyotake’s sons died. the article says that he was (obviously) heartbroken and everyone could tell his head and heart weren’t with the team in the way it was when he arrived. he wanted to go back to japan, nowhere else. so they sent him back.

    i’m not totally sure if the timeline of this fits with his sudden and dramatic exclusion from the team, but it certainly would make sense and explain a lot of what we have puzzled over.

    sad for the guy. really wish he’d been able to succeed here.


    1. Wow…. well I’m sure no one knew about this and they kept it a secret at the player’s consent. This explains a lot.. very sorry to hear this… what an unlucky chap… all the best to him and his family and hopefully he’ll have a shining future.