End of Season Grades: Mids and Forwards

Back to it!

Rakitic:  Nothing is even worth saying here.  Grade A+++

Vitolo:  Grew into his role and was one of our steadiest contributors.  Dangerous on the left with a high work rate and some very impressive progress through the course of the season.  Grade: A-

Mbia:  Literally the only knock on him I can come up with was some spotty health early in the season.  But we all know that his name is etched onto that Europa trophy.  As I’ve said, I don’t want to imagine a midfield where he isn’t linking to our defenders.  Very very impressive.  Grade: A

Carrico: Played will in the back as well, but complemented Mbia very well.  Not a guy you noticed that much, but that wasn’t his role.  Grade: A-

Marin: Started the season like he was poised to be the revelation of La Liga.  Then disappeared about 30% of the way through the season.  Seemed to have attitude/work rate issues and was the definition of inconsistency.  He has stated he would be interested in staying, I’m not sure I’d be too intrigued about keeping him.  Grade: C+

Reyes: Had his flashes.  And certainly is committed to the team.  Took claim to the starting RW position, but I wasn’t always sure why.  For me, he just isn’t consistently able to do what we need from such a critical position.  I’d like to look for a more serious threat down the right side in the offseason.  Grade: B

Jairo: Started really brightly.  Then suddenly and inexplicably fell out of favor and never recovered his form.  He’s young and we have him for a while, so I’ll be happy to keep him next season and see how he continues developing.  Grade: B

Iborra:  Early in the season we were all shaking our heads wondering how this guy played professional football.  Then he quietly and steadily improved.  Game after game.  He still wasn’t our first choice by seasons end, but he was solid when we rotated squads and he filled in.  Oh, and did anyone notice he has something like 5 goals in the last 3 game?!  He still may not have justified his transfer fee, but he was not bad.  Grade: B+

Trochowski:  He has one year left on his contract, and though I have nothing against the guy, I think we should let him walk early.  He hasn’t recovered his form to contribute in a meaningful way and isn’t really part of this club’s future.  Injuries have crushed him.  Grade: C

Cristoforo:  Was just catching his rhythm when that injury derailed his season.  I hope he recovers fully and contribute next year.  Certainly looked like he’s capable.  Grade: B/incomplete

Bacca and Gameiro:  These guys…  Very  good seasons from both.  Bacca got a little cold at the end of the season.  Both were streaky at times, but that’s just how strikers are.  They handled rotation with grace and as a result each made huge contributions to the season and netted a bunch of goals.  Negredo who?  Joint grade: A-

Otherwise, Perotti…  Let’s pretend that unpleasantness with the Biris never happened.  Will always have a soft spot for the guy.

And that should wrap things up for the field players…  Right?