Emirates Cup v. RB Leipzig, then v. Arsenal

We’re playing RB Leipzig today in another one of these Mickey Mouse preseason friendly “tournaments.” But at least the season is almost back. The match is on ESPN Deportes in the US, so there should be streams available. It should also be on Sevilla FC TV, though I haven’t been able to confirm that. Ganso solved his visa issues, but Muriel looks like he won’t be available.

Here’s the starting 11s


Corchia – Carrico – Lenglet – Escudero

Banega – Pizarro – Borja Lasso

Montoya – Ben Yedder – Nolito


And for RB Leipzig (They are absolutely loaded with good young players)


Klosterman – Orban – Upamecano – Bernardo

Ilsanker – Keita

Sabitzer – Forsberg – Poulsen



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  1. Extremely pissed off for the lack of TV transmission or live stream for this match. This is not serious. What is the purpose of the friendlies after all? So that no one can watch them through TV? A friendly vs. an EPL team? Disastrous!

    Wish we had a member live stream it through 4G in the stadium, I’d pay for the data.

  2. 2-0 FT, not good.

    On to Everton tomorrow where at least we can witness live what is going on with the team and are they really trying or not.

  3. Just read that Carriço had to come off at Southampton due to discomfort in his right hamstring. He is getting very prone to injuries over the last couple of years. Maybe we would have been better taking the offer from Valencia who were interested in buying him early on in this transfer window.

    1. Carrico is prone to injuries and Pareja overloads in the middle of the season. We have Kjaer, Lenglet and Mercado as backups though, hopefully we’ll be lucky and have as less injuries as possible, especially in the defense.

    2. A lot of this is banking on Kjaer & Lenglet to become a staple in our defense, because there’s doubts with our other CBs. Other than at LB, Jonny Castro would solve a lot of problems we might face along the backline. Unfortunately, I highly doubt we’re spending another €16M after all the business we’ve done this summer. Perhaps we can include a canterano or 2 in a deal?

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  4. Can’t comment on the match thread, so let’s do it here then.

    We controlled the match and showed that we can dominate teams easily, however, these defensive errors need to be dealt with so that we don’t get caught up in bad moments like those in the first minute.

    WBY, I like him ,especially his penalty-taking skills, but he is definitely not Sevilla material. A striker that misses sitters constantly is not a striker that can do much in more important matches. The solution: bring Bacca and sell WBY, simple as that. Keeping him as the third striker could cause issues as he will need minutes etc.

    Hoping to see Nolito, Navas, Kjaer and Muriel in the second. We can turn this around with a bit of luck.


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