El Día después: Choose your headline

Welp, that’s that, then. Lots of ways to see this, so you can pick your favorite headline:

–Sevilla are not going to win any silverware this year, only the second time in five years that’s happened.

–Sevilla are eliminated from the Europa League, but they leave with their heads held high. (This is by far the most commonly used angle in stories I’ve seen).

–Sevilla beat a very solid side, the runaway champions of Portugal, in their house.

–Varas and the defense managed to get their second straight clean sheet after allowing more scores than Paris Hilton (oh man 2005 is going to PISSED when they find out I stole their joke). Varas is a beast. Varas should replace Palop.

–The season is going down in flames! PANIC! CRISIS!!! FIRE EVERYONE!!!!

–With just a little bit more sharpness in front of goal yesterday (or without a stupid giveaway in the 86′ last week), Sevilla would be advancing in a tournament they practically own.

I’m not necessarily endorsing any of these headlines, rather just pointing out that there a lot of different ways to see this game, some of them very negative, some of them actually quite positive. And that’s as it should be–victories that lead to elimination are always necessarily a mixed bag.

There’s no time for sitting around and mourning missed chances, though, because this weekend we start a pretty brutal stretch: at Atleti, vs. Gijón (giant slayers), at Bilbao, vs. Barcelona, at Valencia. Yeesh. Are you ready? In one month we could have ourselves positioned very well for Europe next year, or we could all be getting very nervous about how far you have to go to touch bottom this year.


What do you think? What headline do you like best? Where do you think we’ll go from here?