Eibar v Sevilla: Preview/Comments

I’ll leave dissecting of strategy, tactics, and individual performance to Aaron.    ut as we turn our attention back to La Liga where, if you haven’t been paying attention, we sit in second position in the table, the midweek fixture could have one of two likely impacts.

1) Our team could be exhausted from it’s trip to Turin and the exertion they displayed holding off Juventus and holding on for the point.  Or 2) they could be exhilarated and motivated to kick some Eibar ass and get our first away win in La Liga in more than a year.

I’m hoping for the latter, but probably realistically bracing myself for the former.  In addition, we can expect some rotation from Sampaoli who has not always shown an ability to get the best out of the team’s second choice players up until now.  The team list is: Sergio Rico, Sirigu, Mercado, Rami, Kranevitter, Carriço, Iborra, Vietto, Correa, Kiyotake, Ganso, Sarabia, Escudero, Vitolo, Ben Yedder, Kolo, Carlos Fernández, and Franco Vázquez.

Conspicuous absences are Pareja, Mariano, N’zonzi, and Nasri, while Kolo and Fernandez are the two new entrants to the team.  Without either Pareja or Mariano I’m not entirely clear n who will line up on the right.  But I’m assuming we’re going to be more offensive minded and start at least one of our strikers, right?

Let me also say that Eibar should not be taken lightly.  They’ve been a very solid team for a few seasons now and their six points from three matches is no accident.

I wish I could boldly predict that we’d get our first win in forever, that we’d see another glimpse of the rollicking attacking Sevilla we fell in love with for 90 minutes on match day 1 against Espanyol, but I’m fearing a post-CL letdown and a respectable but not inspiring 1-1 draw.  Goal from Vietto.  Prove me wrong guys!  VAMOS!


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  1. Iborra offering nothing to the game. If Carrico was subbed out so that we can go for the kill… Iborra was not the right player for that switch.

  2. crap couldnt get the space. went for the pk at least. a ridiculous, no one touching him backwards dive. a bit fortunate no yellow on that.

  3. Doesn’t get much easier than that for Vietto. I think this one’s done. We can’t look less inspired.

  4. Vietto seemed to be chatting with the fans there. Must be giving him shit. So much for the manager not being able to communicate with the team when suspended. I think he’s going to get an additional game there. Or should.

  5. LOL! The most pathetic performance ever, can’t say if in Sevilla’s history. A gutless team with gutless tactics, totally non-serious.

    Sampaoli must make sure to field the A team as much as possible even if they’re tired… as with such performances, people will be asking for his head soon.

    1. Agreed that was a pathetic performance, but I doubt anyone will be asking for Sampaoli’s head in the near future…

      We are still in transition

  6. Wow, sometimes a road point is a road point and a good one but not after your up a man a goal at the half.

    They looked like a Premier League team at times in the second not being able to string passes together and lots of turnovers.

    Grrrr…. poor display by Sevilla. Eibar must feel like they got 3 points.

    1. Ok now i’ll definitly watch the game begore i’ll give my opinion about it…. Anyway the match is played and a draw against 9 pleyers is not enough. But it’ s still a draw and no loss… Keep that point in mind in the future when eibar will come to RAMON SANCHEZ PIZJUAN…vamonos….muchahos

  7. embarrassing performance today.

    very lucky first half. risky half time sub used by sampaoli when we already had used one on an injury. then second injury means we cant sub any more. couldnt hold the ball with a man up for 45 minutes.

    sure, maybe vietto could’ve finished that chance at the end, but we werent the better team. not even a man up.

    a tie away at eibar is a fine result. THIS tie at eibar is troublesome.

    and yes, i also agree with jolazo that even having as many points as we do when we know the team has had huge turnover and transition is an achievement. but this was a shit performance from a team that i have only enjoyed watching once since the season started.

    1. Rene was right… Fuck against 9 players from eibar i hear. I’m at a birthdayparty know but tonight i’ll watch the game .

  8. Nasri will be starting every single match if he’s healthy.

    Correa probably won’t even in the subs very often. He’s simply clueless 99% of the time. I will be OK if he’s 1M but he’s 10M+ FFS. I’m think he will be the best contender for crap player of the year.

    The 2 atletico man are way too weak mentally, you are not girls.

    1. wtf mens that… It’s the 11 players on the field that have to respond and not us after this game. Sampaoili can do everythibg he wants but it’s the players on the field they have to make the difference when they zre up against less than 11

      1. Gunther… we can’t be over-enthusiastic and over-optimistic with tactics like that. Sampaoli made a mistake, clear and simple. I really can’t blame any player tonight. If I’d blame Kranevitter… the poor guy can’t do more… we can’t expect him to be Medel… or Krycho! That’s his limit and we cannot change him. It’s the management’s fault for loaning him. Same with Ganso and everyone else (though Ganso still not extremely bad compared to previous performances). We can’t expect the players to do the job, when they simply can’t do it to save their lives!

        We must admit that we have downgraded regarding level (on paper). Even our A team with Mudo, N’Zonzi, Nasri etc. is not better than the A team we had with Emery… we have to accept that, and move forward.

        What I’m mostly angered with is Sampaoli’s gutless tactics and decisions. Not many managers can make such silly decisions, that they let the opponent dominate the match with one player less, like Eibar tonight. They schooled us with 10 men… and were way way better in the first half with 11, lucky we didn’t concede at least 2 goals. The players were playing like they didn’t ever train with each other, quite weird. And it’s no even the fatigue that struck in or anything of that nature, all of the players that started tonight, except Rami and Kranevitter, were fresh as fuck. No excuse for the piss poor performance at all on that regard.

        Too many questions raised. Ok Carrico was injured and had to be subbed… but why Iborra? Why not Sarabia and go for the kill? Play with 3 at the back, Mercado – Kolo – Escudero and go for the kill? It was a wounded Eibar. Then why take out Ben Yedder and field Vitolo? Why not Mudo for Ganso and rest Vitolo for the derby? Wanted a penalty to save his ass? Not good Sampaoli… not good!

        Very frustrated, but still, Sevilla is Sevilla and we will never even be close to challenge for the title… not even allowed to dream for it 😛

        A team for the rest of the season please. The B one is too weak and will get destroyed when the luck finally ends.

  9. Sampaoli is at fault, why not revert back to your own half after taking the lead. After all substitution we had no serious threat in final third , still Sampaoli kept going all out with players not threat upfront. Also ,Kiyotake is best player in midfield , rest has no sense of build up play. Sampaoli should be very clear about his formation. Playing with 1 striker just doesn’t yield many goals in this system.

  10. Looking the game,with more clear mind now,it was a bad peromance for sure.It’s football..last game we won in 94..now we lost Rami and Carrico,and Vietto and Ganso lost two big changes for 1-2.I think the key was the two injured players,that didnt allow Sampaoli to make the subs he planed,if game gone wrong.Its not an excuse,its a fact.Also Ganso remind me a Greek football league player,between 34-35 years old..Vitolo was the worse player on the pitch..someone must remind him that his not Messi.I count so many times that he didnt gave the ball,trying to dribble everyone.Also this thing,in the penalty area its rediculous,its for cheap players not for him.
    Anyway,game went wrong,Sampaoli read it wrong,but we move on.
    I think we are much better than last year,still needs a little time to blend,but 8 points and a draw in Torino isnt bad.I am still very optimistic.Now lets smash Betis.

    1. this is a fair take. and agreed it was bad.

      i didnt really fault vitolo. our midfield had no direction or purpose in the first half. when he came on, he tried to initiate something. a little overdribbling was fine in my opinion when contrasted with the aimless/useless/inaccurate passing that was occupying most of our midfield. the dive in the box was pretty weak in my opinion and agreed i really dont like how much he does that.

      and also agreed. the big picture results are pretty good. and there’s lots of reason for optimism. but the product on the field is not convincing right now.

  11. This situation is bringing 2011-12 back in the memory, when we were winning at home narrowly, then drawing away matches… until we lost a home match and went downhill from there. The final position in the league… 9th. It will most likely be a similar scenario, although we might end up two or three positions higher, still, not in top 4, as usual.

    They say that a team’s success will be based more on the bench’s strength, rather the first team’s, and we have a pathetic bench, at least with their performances so far.

    Hopefully we at least pass the group stage of CL, and think better for the next season, get a decent DM etc. There is a lot of work to be done within this team, and it’s probably good that Sampaoli signed for 2 seasons. We’ll give him 2 season… what’s that for a poor Sevilla fan that is used to not having enormous success (beside EL recently).

    So far the only positive thing is that we haven’t lost… but that will come quite soon as we can’t be always that lucky. Can’t help but be pessimistic at this point. The optimism would return if we manage to somehow start winning the away matches (even through luck or anyhow), and sign a DM in January (or loan with buying option).

    1. Also, thankfully our direct opponents for top 4 are much weaker this season, namely Valencia, Bilbao, Villarreal (although Villarreal not that weak), and we can still be allowed to hope for that. But the impressive form of Las Palmas is scary… as they are beating the modest teams easier than us and will cause us headaches all season long. Also can’t write Eibar off at least yet.

  12. On the basis of the last year + a few months, I think it is safe to conclude that Sevilla FC have the best fans in the world. The team simply cannot win without the RSP behind them. On some level, I believe that is positive…

    I don’t wanna talk about the Eibar-match! You guys have already covered it. Instead I wanna focus on the derbi on tuesday! This is a big game and we all know it. Some that may not know it are the new recruits we got this summer. Betis will come after us with everything they’ve got – especially now that we don’t have Reyes anymore to kick some ass. And if our new recruits don’t realise that we may be in for another misfortunate result.

    In my opinion, Rico, Escudero and Vitolo should definitely play on tuesday (they probably will) and maybe even Iborra and maybe maybe even Carlos Fernandez. They should know what this game is about and I really don’t wanna lose…

  13. im not changing any of my expectations/hopes for this season. the season just started and we’ll finish the day no worse than tied for fourth with away ties at direct rivals villareal and eibar.

    there are troubling signs and im a bit annoyed with what ive seen from some tactics, but its too soon to know whether/how sampaoli addresses them. im assuming he’s not an idiot and has observed the same concerns we have voiced.

    so im both aggravated with their current form but remaining hopeful.

    i think another thing that’s tough is that when we struggled last year, i felt like i really knew and liked the team. gameiro, coke, krycho… i already liked and believed in those guys. its hard to have that same loyalty with all of these new comers. and with any new entrant, there is especially high variance in how they settle both in terms of how good they ultimately are and in terms of how long it takes them to acclimate. at this point kranevitter, ganso, correa all look like misguided transfers (costly ones for the latter two). but even if i view them as sampaoli targets, monchi did sign off on them and we have to believe that there is value there… time will tell how many of these moves they got right and how many they got wrong.

      1. Sampaoli aims to convert Ganso into ‘Pirlo’ type of player. Good luck with that, Sampaoli! Perhaps he was inspired when Ac Milan once were considering Ganso as Pirlo’s heir in 2011 (after Pirlo’s departure).

  14. Meanwhile, Sevilla Atletico won their first match in this season’s Segunda by beating a solid side, Huesca (2:0) with the goals from Curro and Jose Carrillo. Good job!

    1. beat me to it. great for them to get the first win. since they’ve already been playing well it’ll be a huge confidence boost to have taken the full 3 points.

  15. Not sure if true, but reports on my local news portal on sports (most probably sourced from somewhere else) mention that for the first time in the history of La Liga, a team starts the match without a single Spaniard in the lineup. This team of course, happens to be us. Sampaoli was asked about this in the latest conference and he said that he didn’t even think of it when choosing the players for the lineup…. Sevilla is a club and nationality doesn’t matter he said.

    With all those Argentinians and foreigners, are we slowly turning into Inter Milan (Internazionale)? I’d be good to win a treble though (CL, La Liga, Cup) sometime in history…

      1. Nothing wrong with it as long as we win the league and CL in the near future. Even if that means having only 1-2 Spaniards (as subs) in the whole squad… 😛

    1. To be fair, Real Madrid for example are usually just two positions away from not starting with any spaniards as well in their preferred line-up.
      Only Carvajal and Ramos are usually in that line-up, so it’s not like we are a total freak-show. But granted, I’m not surprised that we are the first to do this!

  16. If I had the wings of an eagle,
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    I would fly over Villamarín tomorrow,
    And shit on those bastard Beticos below
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  17. Lista con Nasri, pero sin Kolo, Ganso ni Ben Yedder:
    Sergio Rico, Sirigu, Mariano, Pareja, Diego González, Mercado, Escudero, Kranevitter, Iborra, Nzonzi, Nasri, Kiyotake, Franco Vázquez, Sarabia, Vitolo, Correa, Vietto y Carlos Fernández

    No Kolo is surprising for me. It’s not like we have hundreds of centerbacks to choose from right now. Fielding both Pareja and Diego Gonzalez in the line-up might be risky if one of them gets injured. Does this mean that we are in for a treat in form of a 3-man-defence?

      1. That was my first guess as well, but then I thought: no Sarabia? I figured he was being rested against Eibar so he could be on 110% today. And then I wasn’t sure who he was gonna replace. Kiyotake maybe?

      2. or nasri?

        i could see them having only three in the back as well… agree sarabia has been consistently one of our best.

        so hard to predict.