Eibar v Sevilla: Preview/Comments

I’ll leave dissecting of strategy, tactics, and individual performance to Aaron.    ut as we turn our attention back to La Liga where, if you haven’t been paying attention, we sit in second position in the table, the midweek fixture could have one of two likely impacts.

1) Our team could be exhausted from it’s trip to Turin and the exertion they displayed holding off Juventus and holding on for the point.  Or 2) they could be exhilarated and motivated to kick some Eibar ass and get our first away win in La Liga in more than a year.

I’m hoping for the latter, but probably realistically bracing myself for the former.  In addition, we can expect some rotation from Sampaoli who has not always shown an ability to get the best out of the team’s second choice players up until now.  The team list is: Sergio Rico, Sirigu, Mercado, Rami, Kranevitter, Carriço, Iborra, Vietto, Correa, Kiyotake, Ganso, Sarabia, Escudero, Vitolo, Ben Yedder, Kolo, Carlos Fernández, and Franco Vázquez.

Conspicuous absences are Pareja, Mariano, N’zonzi, and Nasri, while Kolo and Fernandez are the two new entrants to the team.  Without either Pareja or Mariano I’m not entirely clear n who will line up on the right.  But I’m assuming we’re going to be more offensive minded and start at least one of our strikers, right?

Let me also say that Eibar should not be taken lightly.  They’ve been a very solid team for a few seasons now and their six points from three matches is no accident.

I wish I could boldly predict that we’d get our first win in forever, that we’d see another glimpse of the rollicking attacking Sevilla we fell in love with for 90 minutes on match day 1 against Espanyol, but I’m fearing a post-CL letdown and a respectable but not inspiring 1-1 draw.  Goal from Vietto.  Prove me wrong guys!  VAMOS!