Eibar Preview and Race for 4th, Update

Obviously, much of our excitement is rightfully placed on Europa at this point and the coming match up with Fiorentina.  But La Liga remains another avenue (I won’t get into the probabilities here) for Champions League football.  Six points back of Atletico with only five games to play makes passing them seem unattainable.  If we manage to beat Real Madrid, that could obviously change things, but it seems largely unlikely.

So that leaves us and Valencia battling for fourth.  It was painful for some of us seeing just how bad Granada was as Valencia pounded them 4-0.  How in the world did we only tie them 0-0!?!  Deep breaths.  Deep breaths.

I’ll just let the remaining games speak for themselves, but there are very few chances left for us to make up points.  And we must be flawless in the matches we are supposed to win.  Losing or even tying to Eibar would effectively end our dream of fourth.  Both teams could very likely win all four remaining non-Madrid games.

Which is why the Madrid game may be so important.  It truly is our best opportunity for making up points that we gave away earlier in the season.  How we and Valencia perform against Madrid might be exactly what determines who grabs 4th and who falls short.

But for the Madrid game to be relevant, we need to obliterate the teams we’re supposed to obliterate.  Last time we played Eibar they tied us 0-0 at home.  We need a little payback for that misstep (even if I hope they manage to cobble together enough points in their remaining matches to stay in La Liga…  hopefully 3 big ones against Valencia).  Anyway, every game is a final at this point.