Eibar Away – La Liga – Week 22

The starting XI is in, and Montella has done a madness… after weeks of playing an almost identical team, he has gone and handed THREE debuts to Layun, Roque Mesa and Sandro!

Banega and Mercado drop out to the bench, which will mean they should be fresh for Leganes in midweek. Jesus Navas also gets a rest, whilst Ben Yedder gets the nod ahead of Muriel once again.

Sergio Rico retains his place… I think this is his last chance to not screw up, and I hope he has learned from his past mistakes and now knows how to come out for a ball and make it his. Goalkeeping 101 really.


League games wedged in the middle of two cup semi finals are always a tricky to call, and a lot will depend on if the new boys hit the ground running. Eibar carry some threat of their own, and their small ground is not the easiest of places to go. I watched them against Atletico Bilbao last weekend, and we will need to keep a sharp eye on their Chilean forward Orellana who posed a massive threat against local rivals Bilbao last week. Kike and Inui have the potential to damage us too. If we play to our best we should win, as our 3-0 victory over Eibar earlier in the season showed us.

Today I’m going for 2-1 Sevilla


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  1. Mark_L says:

    Vamos Sevilla! Let’s hope for another positive away performance and rest!

    We got a great chance to reach the cup final. However, we have to try improve in the league too. Need to build some momentum before our huge last 16 tie with Man Unires in champions league

  2. My optimistic side tells me Mudo was dropped for a series of bad performances. The pessimistic side of my head tells me he’s being rested for the Cup game. Mercado is suspended. Vamos Roque, through the middle my son.

  3. ShendM says:

    Very interesting to see all the new player debuting today. Hope they won’t disappoint!

    The biggest worry remains… Rico.


  4. Didn’t look like a penalty to me. Sarabia nailed it, but why isn’t WBY taking that? He’s automatic.

  5. Fantastic save Rico.

    Nico looks 3 steps off the pace.

  6. Nail on the head about experimental back 4… Layun having big problems slotting in. it is almost looks like we are playing a pre-season friendly against a team in the middle of their season

    For us to salvage anything from this game, all we can hope for is the team adapts quickly, tighens up so as not to concede any more goals, and if or when Eibar tire we take advantage of it.

    and as I type 3-1!!!

  7. Almost 3-2 but see the difference, it looked all over a goal, Layún cross, Ben Yed head, zooming toward just inside the far post, and then the goalkeeper appeared.

  8. Yeah a bit too much rotation involving guys who’ve never played together. Bring Banega on at half, probably for Sandro. Push Nolito out wide.

  9. some promising signs, they are there for the taking defensively just as bad as us

    we must be brave

    C’Mon Sevilla

  10. Absolutely, if we can get to 3-2 before half time then it will finish in our favour.

    We need a change, so far Roque Mesa has done little apart from defend, our best defender has been Sarabia who gets back to help.

  11. ShendM says:

    Nothing fantastic about that save from Rico… the ball was coming too directly at him, he couldn’t screw it up even if he wanted to. Otherwise, a joke of a keeper. A serious keeper would’ve saved at least 1 out of the 3 goals, a keeper of higher caliber could’ve saved 2, but we have a Segunda-material goalie between the sticks so anything can happen. As a matter of fact, why don’t we loan Rico to a Segunda team to get more experience?

    Mesa has been quiet, Layun not fitting very well and Sandro the only one showing signs of fast adaptation.

    This is the only time we’ve played with 2 strikers this season though… if we can consider Sandro to be a striker. Seems like a 4-4-2, but Pareja is absolutely off form and too slow to do anything remarkable in the defense. It is a terrible day for Lenglet too, he has been schooled by Orellana and Inui all day long. Pareja should retire soon imo.

    Missing Mercado already. Is Kjaer injured or something?

    Can’t even see us getting a draw out of this, but fingers crossed we’ll do that.

    EL places seriously at risk. Not to be surprised if we’re out of European competitions for the next season.

  12. Brian says:

    I said before his injury that Pareja was past it and he’s doing nothing to change my mind. We are wide open on the right side of defence and look very poor without Mercado., they could have easily scored 4 or 5 by now.

  13. Sandro’s playing left wing. It’s the same 4-2-3-1 Montella has used every match.

  14. Brian says:

    We need Navas on for Pareja before he gets a second yellow.

    Posted at the same time jolazo lol

  15. Brian says:

    The sun is out and it’s now warmer on the terrace than in the house so I’m taking a book outside rather than watch any more of this crap.

  16. ShendM says:

    Flashscore showed 4-4-2, also technically we signed Sandro for a striker.

  17. Well now there has to be some serious thinking inside the club.

    We had a great squad, it was an unholy mix and didn’t work out. We changed the manager and we bought four new players and they must surely have a nett positive effect eventually.

    Most of our problems have been down to defence and a slow start by Muriel. So now the manager must stamp his style on the squad. I’m happy that it’s an italian manager because we’re lacking a lot of that crafty style, we’re too honest. The only player that goes down is Mudo and he’s no oscar winner. But any style is better than no style.

    Rico must be consigned to the bench, or somewhere further away.

    Shendm had it right identifying the problem of two 31-year-old wingers. Nolito is doing nothing but Navas might have some use as wing back.

    I had it right all along with Rico, and Nzonzi is an enduring problem that few seem to recognize. I don’t favour abandoning Nzonzi, just changing a few things in his play.

    Pareja is past history and I would imagine Carriço the same so Kjaer needs to step up to the mark.

    If we had to suffer a big setback, then this is the best time while we’re forging the new team and team spirit. But the players are shell shocked and only a miracle will see us overcome Leganes in mid week.

  18. Think we need to move on from this today, from team selection to performances, it was shambles!
    Chucking players in too many players without adapting to environment and system.
    Not much more I can add except move on now and let’s get behind them all now and grab the opportunity to get to another final…i’ll be there!!

  19. Brian says:

    I’ll be there too. Wrap up warm it’s going to be a cold night on wednesday.

  20. Yes, I know it will…we’ll be in the Europa bar or somewhere on that road for 1-2 before the game (I go with 2 other English fans) and go inside around 21:00

  21. Could have got some reinforcements for the central defense you know, or play Mercado there. This is embarrassing.

  22. ShendM says:

    Mercado was suspended with yellows, otherwise he would’ve definitely started. My only hope is that Montella is not as stubborn as Berizzo and identifies the issues sooner rather than later. The issues are Pareja being inept at CB (still Kjaer much better) and Rico being an extreme liability that messes up the entire team’s confidence and motivation when he’s on the goal.

  23. Those guys need to be on Monchi’s Men too. :slight_smile:

  24. We always end up at Bar Europa when we are there. Christin’s family lives in Santa Cruz (Calle Abadas) and that’s one of our stops along with Bar Estrella.

  25. I have already told them to sign up, i know 1 of them will for sure! :wink:

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