Early Reflections

Well, that season certainly ended on a positive note.  Just in case you forgot how it ended I decided to toss this video in in lieu of a recap.  PS. as a special bonus somehow the guys got a hold of an inflatable doll during their celebrations if you watch til the end….  ridiculous.

Honestly, within the span of four day we were about 15 seconds from the season being an abject failure, and then by the time Navas sealed our win, it was an unmitigated success.  I’m still in partial shock, just shaking my head and unable to believe that this bizarre, rhythmless, enigmatic season ended in such glory.

Champs League qualification AND some Copa del Rey hardware to put in our trophy cabinet.  Incredible.

I had been terrified that we would see a fire sale on our players without qualifying for the CL, but qualification along with the Copa win re-establishes our claim as the third best team in Spain and one of Europe’s best.  Diego Capel was so enthused that he signed an extension until 2014 which is great news.  I think that Perotti being hurt for a stretch allowed Capel more consistency in playing time and really helped him.  He was CRUCIAL in our final few games and really, for the first time in a while, was realizing his potential and sustaining it for entire games (OK maybe not entire games cus he’d consistently get subbed by the 65th minute, but thats a whole lot better than just 15 minutes at the end).

In other news, Sergio Sanchez apparently had his surgery and it went well.  I have no clue what kind of recovery time/prospects he is facing, but regardless of whether he ever takes the pitch again (which I sincerely hope he does because he’s a great player), I just hope he has a complete recovery with no residual health issues.  Terrifying.

And thats about it.  This will be a facinating offseason.  Apparently we already have Mamadou Dabo from St. Etienne.  Anyone know who is out of contract?  I think I’ll probably try and do position by position posts later… but just wanted to toss this up here for now.

Still thrilled about this season.