Dreams, Silver Linings, and the Last Eight Weeks

Athletic of course had to beat Almería today and ruin all our excitement about rising to 5th place, but the Blogosfera Sevillista is here to brighten our day. Nacho over at Latidos de Nervion has a nice comparison of the “cuentas pendientes” (as we say here at Monchi’s Men) for Sevilla and Villarreal. In fact, it’s so good that I just thought I’d copy/paste it over here so we could discuss it as well. Heh, when I made that “last 10 matches” comparison I didn’t think it was worth looking at Villarreal, too, but here we are:

Valencia (A) – Mallorca (A)
Zaragoza (H) – Getafe (A)
Sevilla (A) – Villarreal (H)
Getafe (H) – Almería (A)
Mallorca (A) – R Madrid (H)
Almería (A) – Osasuna (A)
R Madrid (H) – R Sociedad (H)
Osasuna (A) – Espanyol (H)


Let me start by saying I’m very happy to be where we are, and not making CL will hardly be a failure given our miserable form for so much of the season–credit to Monchi, Rakitic, Medel, and Manzano, as well as the rest of the team. Having said that, though: if as I’ve written in my dream scenario Villarreal loses to Valencia and then Sevilla beats them, and Sevilla otherwise keep pace with the Yellow Submarine, they would host Madrid on the second-to-last day of the season only three points ahead.

Granted, as Nacho points out RM will be playing for basically nothing at that point (Valdano will have determined that “pride” has little transfer market value and Florentino can’t put a jersey to sell on it, so it’s safe to assume Madrid won’t be playing for that), but still–it’s a lot more fun to be dreamily looking above us than swallowing back panic as we slide into the abyss below. By which I mean: remember when “at least we didn’t get relegated” was going to be this season’s silver lining? It was around weeks 15 and 16, when we were in a non-stop free-fall, dabbling in life in the bottom half of the league:

So if we end up 6th or 5th, even if it’s only a point short of 4th on the last day, I’ll be doing my best to remember how glad I am to have been in the fight, and to be going to Europe at all.

Until then, though, I’ll be dreaming of what’s above us.