doom and gloom?

ok… so last time i posted with the brilliant projection that we’d finish the season going 4-2-1 and squeek into the champs league spots.

now? two days removed from that abomination of an excuse for a football match against the second worst team in the league? im a little more cynical.

i hadnt actually gotten to see us play in a while and what i saw horrified me. stagnance. lethargy. indifference.

and yet somehow zaragoza limited mallorca to a tie, and bilbao (who are just three points behind us right now) are playing away to valencia.   so ultimately we’re just one point away from 4th.  so all isnt totally lost right?

im not sure. we have some serious problems right now and seeing the mirage of a two game win streak disintegrate has the devil over my right shoulder telling the angel over my left that he told us so. im starting to even worry about the europa spots, though i like to think we’re still safe(ish?) for those.

anyway, just a rant to keep things moving. in all likelihood we’ll beat gijon this weekend and then i’ll make a wildly inaccurate post about how i think we can still challenge for the title…

hope everyone’s having a good week.