Deportivo v Sevilla: Preview/Match Comments

Game.  Tomorrow (or today if you’re on the other side of the pond).  I may or may not drag myself out of bed in time to watch some of it, but figure I’ll get a new post up now before I go to bed.

So…  Here’s a game where we really need to show that we can win on the road.  We have NO excuse for not beating Deportivo.  Yes, we’re now starting to gravitate more towards Europa.  It’s natural, we’re about to play Villareal and we feel its a tie we can win, one which would bring us a step closer to Europa glory (and CL group stages).  But we need to slow down and not get ahead of ourselves.

Yes, Valencia is 7 points ahead of us and Atletico is 8 for 4th and 3rd places respectively.  But they play eachother this week.  So we could easily be just 4 points off of 4th by Sunday night.  And then we’re back to our same old debate: Liga or Europa?

Now, if instead, we lose to Deportivo and fall even further off of 4th place, then it might really be time to pull the plug on our Liga ambitions, but I think we shouldn’t do that just yet.  This has to be our last stand.

It will be very interesting to see who Emery chooses for the side.  Will he pick Deulofeu who hasn’t even made the squad the last two matches?  Will Reyes start again?  Will we see Gameiro or even Aspas with a start or at least some minutes to keep Bacca fresh for midweek?  We’ll find out soon enough.

Team list: Rico, Barbosa, Diogo, Coke, Navarro, Arribas, Pareja, Kolo, Krychowiak, Mbia, Iborra, Banega, Vitolo, Reyes, Deulofeu, Denis, Vidal, Bacca, Gameiro and Aspas.