Depor – Sevilla

We’re off to northern Spain! The whalers are out a’whalin’ and the Coruña folk are speaking their gallego over a tray of oysters right about now, wondering what to think about their team’s undefeated season so far (1 win, 3 ties). I’m sure its a beautiful day on the coast, and the Riazor is bound to be excited tonight for Sevilla’s arrival. The match was pushed back (or not?) because of a hiccup yesterday in Vallecas (Rayo’s grounds) where a “terrorist” (as Rayo’s president called him/them–relax, Rayo’s president) cut the cables for the lights on the entire north side of the stadium.

We’ll hopefully see a confident Sevilla tonight, a Sevilla growing from their 1-0 victory against Big Boy II in La Liga last weekend. Michel is sending out the same starting XI again:

Palop, Cicinho, Botía, Spahic, Navarro, Maduero, Medel, Navas, Rakitic, Trochowski y Negredo

We’re looking for a victory today, obviously, but personally I’d like to see us score more than one goal in said victory if we can. Seeing that we’ve only scored one goal per match so far this season, I think we have deserved a few more in earlier matches. Not that table position matters much at this stage of the season, but a “W” would put us into a tie with Málaga and Mallorca in 2nd place. All signs point upward to the top!

Go, Rakitic! Yell celebratory things in Croatian after you’ve scored! Go, Navas! Be a hedgehog! Go, Perotti! Sub in late and make us smile!

Highlights (featuring two of the three above hopes)!