Depor – Sevilla Postmatch

You see the highlights.  As Negredo said after the match, “We had to let them score a goal or two before we really started to show our teeth.”  In this case it was also the earning of a red card by Palóp, our martyr-of-the-match, who single-handedly inspired Sevilla on to victory by handling the ball outside the box in order to get sent off in all his comeback-inciting glory.  Good job, San Andrés!  Too bad you will not be able to play against Real Madrid this week!

“Negredo-ed” should be a verb.  The guy simply does things that require extraordinary verbiage to explain.  He always seems to make goals out of half-chances and silly dink/dunk plays that turn into total GOLAZOS.  Check out his goal to make it 2-3 and you’ll see what I mean.  Depor totally got Negredo-ed on that play.

All things considered, we should be pretty happy with this result.  Scoring three unanswered goals in 15 minutes with 10 men is quite a feat.  We could have gotten out with all three points, and it looked like we would before the tying goal in minute 88, but I’m quite pleased with our showing today considering our midfield was Alfaro-Renato-Fazio-Capel.  The strikers didn’t see the ball much during the first half, and in the second half we picked things up considerably before letting in Depor’s 2-0 after Palóp’s red card.

We loved that Manzano really showed his guts by taking off Alfaro for Acosta, giving us three strikers.  Even when Palóp got his red, the sub for Varas to come in was Capel.  Later, Zokora came in for Fazio.  We loved that Manzano kept three strikers out there.  After Acosta came in (in the 53′) we scored three goals in the next 25 minutes.  Manzano really does seem to go for broke, and it’s paid off quite a bit this season thus far.

What a great way to get ready for the midweek battle in the Bernabeu.