OK.  This rumor is obviously not going to happen.  I’d put the odds at roughly 0.0000045%.

But this is an English language Sevilla blog where many of us are from the US, and to me, this is the best rumor I could imagine.  Not necessarily on a footballing level (though I think that Dempsey is a very good player) but just on a personal level.  I (admittedly) used to follow the New England Revolution and Dempsey is my favorite USMNT player.  So this would be my favorite player coming to play for my favorite team.

Could Dempsey help this team?  Yes.  He’s not a pure 9.  But he’s a good withdrawn forward who can create for himself and for others. And he can play up top, out wide, or in the middle.  He causes defenses headaches with his speed and dribbling.  He isn’t the physical presence of Negredo or Kanoute by any means, but he’s crafty and he gets on the end of all kinds of balls he has no business getting to.   Honestly though, its tough to assess him.  I think his passing, game awareness, and overall skill level could make him a great mach for La Liga and Sevilla, though I’ve mostly seen him play against CONCACAF opposition so its a bit hard to judge.  He has been consistently one of Fulham’s best players the last few years and was their leading scorer in ’10-’11.

This post really has no point.  He’s not coming here.  But seeing these rumors suddenly emerge made my heart skip a beat.  He’s valued at something like 9 million Euros…  We’ll see.  I’d be thrilled, but not necessarily for the right reasons.

Any less biased heads have an assessment?

PS. Those black/red Fulham jerseys are sweet.

PPS. Gio rumors are back a bit.  They won’t die.  But honestly, at this point, having crashed out of Europa, I’m not convinced we’re getting anyone else.