Del Nido, TV Revenue Sharing, and La Liga

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This is maybe a little no duh, but del Nido offered his opinion (here is the account from Marca) on the ongoing negotiations for the next TV revenue contracts, and it sounds like he’s dead-set on making some real changes to the way things are done in La Liga in the near future. This article’s a little long, so I tucked it away under the cut for you:

The article fills in the backstory, but if this is the first you’re hearing of this, currently in Spain Real and Barca get LOTS more money than any other teams in La Liga (this article has a bit about what they currently get and what’s being offered for the new contract; here is some more info about current negotiations), which obviously contributes to inequality that Real and Barca (and their supporters) lament when it suits them to say they wish the other teams were more competitive. Right now Real and Barca take about half the TV revenue (around 150 million euros each) while little guys like Sporting Gijón get less than 1% (as little as 2.5 million).

Frankly, I don’t see how anyone can defend the current system, and I know at least some of you guys feel the same–I’d wager Mike and SRH know more than me and have more to say about this–but in the process of “researching” this post I stumbled across this Barcelona discussion board which has all sorts of proof that anyone will support a bad idea if it means they get more money. Some of my favorite comments:

“Only thing that would be right to do when TV revenue is shared is to give each by their popularity based on number of viewers. Likes of Sevilla should be thankful that they are getting what they are atm because if they released the numbers Barca and Madrid would be entitled to even more than they are making now.It’s not fair but it’s business and Barca shouldn’t do charity work for Sevilla and co. They don’t do us favours when we bid for their players, now do they? We have financial problems of our own anyway.”

The same guy said of smaller teams complaining of not having enough money:

“It’s just an excuse. Filling their stadiums + wise transfer policy should be pillar stones of their financial health.”

As far as I can tell, he’s being totally unironic when he says this AS A BARCA SUPPORTER.

In response to those arguments (and other more reasoned ones, I imagine), here are some choice cuts from del Nido:

“The contract they have offered to the two large teams, Real Madrid and Barcelona, I’m not going to sign. This cannot continue. If it is necessary, the two large teams can go and play in the French or Portuguese league and we will play with 18 teams.”

“Sevilla are the seventh or eighth club in terms of revenue, and I am disappointed to see the leaders of some clubs who have liquidity problems, who cannot see the wood for the trees.”

Give ’em hell, Jose.