Del Nido getting tired of talking, now just making things happen

This is more like it: Del Nido is organizing a meeting of the 18 teams who are not given title-guaranteeing subsidies this week to talk about making a collective TV deal, effective next year, for the entire league EXCEPT the EE. RM are actively trying to prevent this meeting from happening, because why wouldn’t they, right?

Anyway, 15 clubs have already confirmed they’ll be there. I’m not sure who the three teams are that haven’t agreed to come, but it seems likely that two of them are Valencia and Atlético, those cowardly pieces of spineless mush. Do they have so little confidence in their ability to stay above the rest of La Liga that they’ll eagerly accept second-class status behind the big two, knowing they’ll never have a chance to win the title, just so that they can have a huge advantage over everyone else? Yes, they do. Pathetic.

Not sure how much money the 18 teams would get from such a deal, but it seems likely that a collective agreement including the entire league would function as an improved negotiating stance regardless of the income generated. Remember, the last time we had a count (last year), only EIGHT teams would come out in support Del Nido’s proposal. Fifteen teams are coming to this meeting. So whether or not you think the resulting TV deal would actually create much cash, it’s hard to see this as anything less than an improvement in the ongoing struggle of Del Nido et al to save La Liga from the greedy bastards running the EE.

It’s also possible that this move will lead to an even greater fracture in La Liga and lead to more strikes or something else that weakens the league. What do you think? Good idea/bad idea? Who stands to lose and gain?

[UPDATE: Seriously, if you haven’t read this interview with Roig (translated by the fine folks at Forza Fútbol), get over there and get reading. Top notch stuff.]