Dear Dejan Rakitic…

Dear Dejan,

Kindly shut the fuck up.  Effective immediately.

It’s really cool that your crowning achievement in life is having a brother who is an amazing football player and the proud captain of our beloved Sevilla FC.  Its too bad that Ivan got all the ability and looks in the family.  And yet, good for you that you’ve found a role in life trying to extract as much money out of his talent as you can manage.  But right now, in case you haven’t been paying close attention, your brother has a bit of business to handle over the next 11 days.

Maybe, just maybe now is not the time for you to be talking about how “Ivan really likes Italy” or how “Lazio is such a great club, its an honor for them to be interested in Ivan”.  Maybe right now Ivan and his Sevilla teammates/breathren need to be focused on Valencia, then Bilbao, and then Valencia again.  Perhaps feeding the media fodder about Ivan possibly leaving is an unneeded and unwanted distraction.  And as an aside, Lazio?!  Seriously?

There is a time and a place to have your agent hat on.  No one is going to begrudge you that.  But right now, its time to get out your Sevilla FC scarf and start cheering for the team your brother plays for, and to kindly not detract from their focus.

Looking forward to not hearing from you until the end of the season.

Warm regards,