Cristoforo Almighty

Written by Tim Spence:

What you see is two possible teams consisting of all the most used Sevilla players, Gameiro and Bacca are repeated in both graphics. The graphics represent the participation of each player in this season’s la liga, averaged over games

The size of the coloured balls over exaggerates the actual differences, the radius is more accurate.

The participation is calculated from the basics of football; passes, headers, tackles, interceptions, crosses and
shots. So it doesn’t represent how good a player is, he could have lots of shots – all off target, same with
passes. (The analysis of quality comes later) But it does show the average involvement of each player, the most active zones of play and how play develops.

First thing to note is the enormous participation of Cristóforo, Rakitic and Perotti and I’m reminded that Emery has pleaded that we don’t pressure the youngsters too much (Rabello 19, Jairo 20 and Cristóforo 20). Next, Fazio weighs in heavy with his ability to head out crosses. Remember our corners when Kanoute always took the near post and Fazio positioned in the centre? it was usually Kanoute who cut out the corner, now Fazio is solo.

Another interesting thing is the size of Vitolo’s contribution, especially compared to Rabello and Jairo who often
play isolated roles.

Something seems wrong with the stats for Mbia, surely he has been one of the more dominant midfielders. Well when
the stats are graded for success then we’ll see Mbia’s accurate passes, aerial balls won and his assists, those
will catapult him into the high grades. Also interesting to see that Coke beats Diogo Figueiras and Navarro just
nudges Aleberto Moreno. It’s also possible to deduce that not enough ball is getting through to the front two
strikers and that is backed up by Rakitic’s position as leading scorer. Carriço, like Mbia, Rakitic and Navarro
have played in different strategic positions which will distort their stats, also Moreno has played a couple of
games upfield.

So expect to see more analysis soon and let’s see if I can normalise the inconsistencies and get Marko Marin included too.