Cranberry Sauce FC v Sevilla – Match Comments

Which are you more excited about, cranberry sauce or the match against Feyenoord?

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Which are you more excited about, Cranberry sauce or today’s game?  It’s a tough call.  For those observing this wonderful American holiday (let’s just ignore its dark history), happy Thanksgiving!  For those elsewhere in the world, I hope you’re having a great Thursday and that your family is in health.

I think most of us are excited to have something new to talk/think about after the ass whooping we were dealt at the hands of Barcelona.  An ass whooping that was made far more painful, not by the result (which was basically to be expected) but by the negative tactics in the first half, and the attitude in the second after going behind.  Not a proud showing for a team most of us here love.

So it should be great that we’re off to the Netherlands to continue whipping European teams in our defense of our Europa title, right?  A great opportunity to run up the score on some hapless non-major league team chumps, right?  Unfortunately, not so fast.  It sounds like Feyenoord have recovered their form.  And haven’t lost at home in months.  Anyone looking forward to an easy game is likely to be badly disappointed.

As for us, I don’t have a clue who will play.  I’m guessing that there must be some rotation after the Barcelona match.  Time for Gameiro to start?  Or Aspas?  Should Rico get the nod over Beto?  My personal answer to all of those questions is yes…  But we’ll see what Emery says.

I’d love for us to get back on track, show some character, show some resolve, win, and clinch our group.  I can’t say with a straight face that that is what I’m expecting.  I’ll be satisfied with a draw which would keep us in the lead of our group (though not yet clinched).  Anyway, I’ll probably be busy with family and not able to fully watch, but for those who can, I look forward to your comments.