Copa del Rey Final

Here it is, everyone!  The Copa del Rey final.  Sevilla has won the fourth place and a place in our hearts, but we are looking for some glory now, for something to put behind the glass this year in the trophy room.

The BIG BIG NEWS coming from the Spanish press today: Negredo’s red from the weekend has been reduced to a yellow by Spain’s official governing body of sport because the straight red does not follow the “disciplinary code and as a consequence the appropriate penalty is a yellow.”  So he WILL be able to play in the Copa del Rey final.  WOOO!  I know we’d all like to see Rodri get another chance to make us wear out our lungs yelling with joy, but maybe it’s best that the two big men we were counting on up front get the chance to play in our only final of the season.  You tell me!  In any event, let’s kick some ass tomorrow!

Now here’s a stroll down Past Cup Glory Lane:

UEFA Cup 2006

UEFA Supercup 2006

UEFA Cup 2007

Copa del Rey 2007

I’ll be watching and commenting here tomorrow.  Anyone else?  ROLL CALL!!