Copa Del Rey Final Game Chat

Well the season of up and downs continues today with the final of the Copa Del Rey pitting Sevilla FC against the almost League champions Barcelona FC in a rematch of the 2016 Copa Final. The boys have been in Marbella the last few days training, hidden by the sites and more importantly temptations of the Feria going on in Sevilla.

No matter what happens today, Sevilla are guaranteed a shot at a trophy next season if Barcelona wins the league. But, a loss today would mean potential disaster to the chance of Europa league glory next season. If the boys do not win today, Sevilla would have to keep their seventh place spot in La Liga and fight their way through a grueling summer schedule to qualify for the group stages of the Europa League.

We know we have a chance, it depends on our fight, our determination and if we can finally contain Messi. It’s been a weird season, let’s make it even weirder with a Trophy and make give those Beticos something to choke on.