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Well the season of up and downs continues today with the final of the Copa Del Rey pitting Sevilla FC against the almost League champions Barcelona FC in a rematch of the 2016 Copa Final. The boys have been in Marbella the last few days training, hidden by the sites and more importantly temptations of the Feria going on in Sevilla.

No matter what happens today, Sevilla are guaranteed a shot at a trophy next season if Barcelona wins the league. But, a loss today would mean potential disaster to the chance of Europa league glory next season. If the boys do not win today, Sevilla would have to keep their seventh place spot in La Liga and fight their way through a grueling summer schedule to qualify for the group stages of the Europa League.

We know we have a chance, it depends on our fight, our determination and if we can finally contain Messi. It’s been a weird season, let’s make it even weirder with a Trophy and make give those Beticos something to choke on.

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  1. Greetings from Sevilla!

    Good write up Chris. I agree with every word

    ¡Vamos mi Sevilla!

  2. I really hope Nolito is starting today.

  3. Interesting article in ABC Sevilla, when Arza was Messi.

    Juan Arza scored 3 of 8 goals against Barcelona in 50 minutes, in the CDR, on this day 21st April 1946 (72 years ago)

    (But it must have been called ‘Copa del Generalissimo’ under Franco)

    All in Spanish but has lots more history of Sevilla Barca in Copa Del Dictador :grin:

  4. Not confident

  5. I wish this was surprising in the least but this is pretty much what’s been happening every Liga game with Muriel, Correa and Mudo getting starts based on I’m gonna have to guess giving Montella good handjobs or something like that instead of performance/attitude. Can we please bench those three and fire Montella after this game? I’d rather not qualify for Europe with a new manager and some SAT guys who have half as much talent and twice as much passion

  6. Humiliated.
    Now only 1 point ahead of Girona, 7 points behind betis.
    Can the genius Montella bring us to 8th or 9th?
    Let’s see.
    This team need a rebuild no matter what.

  7. Is Mudo scared to shoot? He always seems to take one extra step or touch so a defender can close down and get in the way.

  8. Nice one Sandro shooting straight at goalie instead of passing to wide open teammate for a tap in goal. I’m almost impressed at the amount of chances this season that we’ve shot directly at the goalie. Do our forwards work on that in practice? it’s the only consistent thing they do

  9. It probably works in practice against our shit keepers.

  10. 5 goals! Montella “the genius” did it again.
    Mission completed.

  11. I didn’t expect that but it was in line with recent form. Now the axe will fall, probably on the head of Montella but we need to clear out the midfield and attack totally and that includes Sarabia. Banega out, Vazquez out, Nzonzi, Pizarro, Kjaer, Nolito, Correa and Muriel.

    I’d keep Geis, Navas, Ben Yedder.

    Plus we need 1 goalkeeper of guarantee.

    Transfer market will be interesting,.

  12. This was probably the result we needed the most. Please come back Unai.

  13. Also, how does Vázquez manage stay on the pitch for so long? I swear Montella was cursing at him all 1st half. He lost the ball at every opportunity. Franco must have nudes of him surely…

  14. Why is everyone on NZonzi’s case? He went to party in Madrid who cares? Maybe the staff should have kept the boys in Sevilla and let them have some fun and see what the city is about to give them something to fight for.

  15. The players showed more fight arriving at the airport than they did on the field

  16. Brian says:

    That performance was absolutely shameful. I think it was summed up very well by the chant of a lone drunk Sevillista outside my hotel who woke me in the early hours of this morning.

    “No tiene huevos, Sevilla no tiene huevos”

    Anyhow here’s some more pics from my crappy old phone…




  17. Sevilla board is meeting on Tuesday to decide on Montella. Do the right thing!

  18. I agreee; only use as an interim and what and see who’s available in June.

  19. It seems to me that to loose 5-0 in a final, in the manner we did suggests there are fundamental issues at the club. I think we need to regroup in the summer and build for the next 3 seasons. The atmosphere isnt good and overall it has been a disappointing year for such a talented squad with ample depth. I agree with the point on team leadership, thats way i was angry when we sold Coke and Iborra, those characters are very hard to replace. I also think that when we are the CL our league form suffers alot, too much really. We need to try and retain European football next year and take time out in the summer to evaluate things.

  20. The board has decided to continue with Montella (at least until the end of the season, hopefully that’s it) and confirmed that Oscar Arias will not continue as the sports director of the club.

    So as things stand, we’ll most likely have a new sports director and a new coach (fingers crossed) for the 2018-19 season!

  21. Emery leaving PSG :clap::clap::clap:

  22. Should I email him and beg? Haha

  23. Please beg, then join me in prayer

  24. Another loss. What a shock. Can we sack Montella and just have Maresca take over or bring back Emery tomorrow now that he’s for sure leaving? I’m getting sick of seeing Montella’s stupid confused face on the sidelines.

  25. Montella has to go tomorrow. We can’t dominate in any part of play.

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