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  1. Armenteros is back from Rayo and has played a fair bit in preseason, do you think he will stay with Sevilla this season?

    1. Possibly, likely to be mostly in the Copa or as a late substitute in the league. I’m not really sure how much of a role he’ll play to be honest.

  2. who knew this page even existed!? awesome.

    im not sure about armanteros either though. i think he’s seen some preseason minutes and done reasonable well, but i have a tough time imagining that without injuries those minutes will come regularly in competitive matches.

    Dan: a) welcome to the blog and b) do you know anything about him? should we be excited about him?

    maybe we’ll see him play today against deportivo.

    and maybe we’ll finally sign Gio!!! argh! get on with it!

  3. Hello fellow Sevilla-fans!

    I have a question that i really hope some of you can help me with. Like most of you I am a huge Sevilla-fan but haven’t been at the Sanchez Pizjuan and enjoyed a match yet. I’ve been thinking about travelling to Sevilla some time next year, but I am very confused about their ticket-system. Does anyone have any experience with their officail website and how to buy the tickets? Like, how do you get the tickets? E-mail, mail or do you have to get them from the stadium itself?

    I really hope someone will take their time and help me with is!

    1. Hey there! I believe for most matches there are tickets available to purchase at the ticket windows outside the stadium (on the side with the official team store). I bought tickets 2-3 days ahead of time when I went to matches six years ago. Given that the stadium isn’t often at full capacity, you ought to still be able to buy tickets from the windows before most matches. When are you going to go?

      Good luck–and let us know about how it goes at the RSP!

      1. I thank you for the answer. My first thought was to buy the tickets directly from the stadium, which seems alot easier. I was thinking about traveling to Sevilla in January-February or perhaps to one of the last matches.

        I all depends on the economy!

        Thanks again

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