Champions League Play-Off Second Leg (vs. Basaksehir)

There we have it folks, the second leg of the CL playoff vs. Basaksehir.

Coming from a 1-2 away win in Istanbul, we should be able to control the match and perhaps seal it off without letting it get too interesting.

The official lineup is this:

Mercado – Pareja – Lenglet – Escudero
N’Zonzi – Pizarro
Navas Correa
It looks nice, way better than the one vs. Espanyol, so let’s do it and get ourselves in those drawing pots on Friday!


Notable Replies

  1. Mark_L says:

    Vamos sevilla!!

  2. Rene1 says:

    yikes. this is closer than it should be (score-wise). we go through as of right now thanks to away goals, but one goal by them flips the tie. can’t watch unfortunately (CL game times on the east coast are awful…) nervously hitting refresh.

  3. Rene1 says:

    you have that wrong chris, no? we go through with no goals scored b/c away goals. but if they score 1 they go through. if we score and they do too, then we have to add time and risk penalties.

    sadly, now that i have a real job, i have much less ability to screw off and watch football all day :frowning: and had a work lunch precluding me from sneaking away now for the game.

  4. yeah mis-spoke there.

  5. What the hell must Man City fans be thinking right now? Navas playing out of his mind! Escudero too! Great link up play and just a dime of a cross.

  6. Rene1 says:

    amazing. big goal (not that i saw it). but im always worried that this is a moment for letting up. we still absolutely cant let them score. for them, the situation is the same. they still need a goal.

    escudero is leading scorer.

  7. Correa has just been so good. He was a creator on that goal too. So many key passes today and killing guys one v one.

  8. Escudero is saying #callmeup!

  9. Rene1 says:

    FANTASTIC. still plenty of time to screw things up, but if we do… then we will deserve it. stay poised. ride this out.

  10. No chance - we are dominating.

  11. oh shit spoke too soon

  12. Rene1 says:

    damn you chris… 2-2? still just need to hold on?

  13. yeah 2-2; just can’t let them score - or we get one back.

  14. Rene1 says:

    heart racing and im not even watching the damn game.

  15. Montoya on for Jesus Navas.

    The goal shouldn’t have counted as they were offside. Just barely, but clearly offside.

  16. Rene1 says:

    is it pouring there?

  17. Rene1 says:

    odd. pic on estadiodeportivo makes it look wet. but cant really tell, its grainy

  18. Rene1 says:

    holy crap. thank god. i had to walk away from my desk…

    that is MAJOR. of course we all expected it. but if we hadn’t made it through it could have really destroyed the team with long term repercussions.

    major exhale.


  19. Mark_L says:

    Phew!!! Thank god for that. We played a great match but they were pretty good too. A great game and just glad we sneaked through!

  20. Mark_L says:

    Yeah it was vital we won it. As it sets the tone for the season and our team, new players and new manager!

    We did it though! Vital win and now we can focus on la liga for a while!

  21. ShendM says:

    Why can’t we ever have a game without drama till the end? Watched the last 10 mins and would be better off not watching at all. That Emre shot in the end almost ended in a heart attack. We really like to complicate things.

    Will need to watch the full match again later. Still good that we qualified though. Hoping for an easy group or we will get back to our beloved EL if it continues like this.

  22. ShendM says:

    Watched the full match again today on tv, the overall feeling is we didn’t do that bad, but the defense is very very fragile. I mean, for someone of Adebayor’s age to mess around with the defense in that way, and for someone like Visca to contain both Correa (except the first goal run) and Nolito almost the entire time… something is not going right.

    I felt that tactically they were more prepared for this. Now of course, if we had capitalized on the couple of chances that we had as Chris mentioned, it would’ve been an easier night, but still, we just looked tired out there. The guys from Istanbul looked fresher, and I don’t know how that could be, considering that we rested everyone par N’Zonzi and Lenglet on Saturday, and still couldn’t win both of these matches.

    Not a performance that gives a lot of confidence for the group stages, however, it’s still early on and the season really starts right after the international break, after the away match vs. Getafe. It would be good to win that one but not quite optimistic about that.

    Can’t really know what to expect from this team. Hopefully we’ll at least complete the squad with the CL money now, meaning signing Jojo and Masina, while another DM wouldn’t hurt, especially if it is Marcos Llorente or a similar type of player.

  23. Edinho says:

    That final stretch was like the full 90 minutes of last year’s Matchday 6 decider vs Lyon condensed into 10 minutes! The classic Sevilla way. The severity of the game allowed me to notice a few more things as we search for our ideal 11. We played really well during certain spells, especially at the start of each half.

    To start with the midfield, Banega’s ball control failed him a few times, which is what helped us dominate a few of our previous games. IB tried to have a man on him as much as possible, so it was never gonna be easy for him. It’s nice to see Nzonzi in that #8 role, cause his stature can get him in some great scoring positions. I’m not sure if he can excel there, but his growth surprised us all last season, so why not? He missed a sitter though. Also, Pizarro was great as an anchor, but he started to take a few too many risks in those tackles. Might see a few red cards from those La Liga refs.

    In defense, I may not like Mercado at RB, or think Pareja is passed it (at this level at least), but our defensive system is lacking. It was a complete breakdown that lead to that 1st goal. Eventually, we can improve as a team and earn a few clean sheets, but right now, I don’t know what our best back-4 is: something like Escudero + 3 more? At GK, I’m just hoping for Soria’s return, cause Rico needs a bit of time on the bench. His confidence is shook, and that contract renewal could cause a reverse effect on his form.

    As for the front 3, they posed several threats, which is promising. Navas has been the best so far in terms of contribution. Sometimes the buildup can get stuck cause he refuses to cut infield, but we’ll see what happens when the team begins to gel a bit more. Like Chris said, Correa made a lot of goods moves, except for his final ball. It’d be nice to see him in a false-9 role, but right now it’s a tight battle at LW with Nolito. Ben Yedder scored another difficult goal. I wish he had more pace cause then he’d be deadly. All I ask from him is consistency. After that hattrick vs Real Sociedad, he started to go missing. But he’s claiming his spot for now.

    Shoutout to Basaksehir for making this tie exciting (for the neutral), but for giving us an early lesson. It was very close to ending differently, but hopefully this teaches us to be better prepared and have more poise when it comes to finishing the job, especially at the RSP. Let’s end this first stretch of matches with a bang at Getafe!

  24. Brian says:

    I just hope that Lenglet improves soon otherwise he’s going to cost us a fair few games this season. I’ve not been very impressed with him since the Arsenal game, he is our weakest link in defence at the moment.

  25. ShendM says:

    Agreed. I liked Lenglet in the 3-5-2 system, but this time around he is showing a lot of weakness, especially in tackling.

    Carrico needs to return quick, and we should try Mercado as a CB pair, as he is not well fitted for a RB when Corchia is ready to play. Mercado should only feature at RB if Corchia is not available.

    Should also try Kjaer in CL more. Surprised how he didn’t feature in the matches vs. the turks when he knew them very well from he turkish league for 2 seasons in a row.

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