Celta – Sevilla Match Comments

Valencia’s draw with Real Madrid yesterday brought about a fair amount of teeth gnashing in the comments section here at Monchi’s Men, but Rene helped bring a dose of reason and calm by pointing out that as far as Sevilla reaching fourth place is concerned, the result was the same as a Valencia loss. Being tied on points doesn’t help Sevilla at all as Valencia owns the tie-breaker, so we still need to see Valencia drop points in one of their next two matches. So, you know…deep breaths. Fourth place is still as possible as it was last week.

Whether or not that level of possibility is particularly compelling is I suppose a matter of opinion, though, and I imagine at this point most readers of the blog are ready to put their hopes on the last two games of Europa League for passage to the Champions League. And while it’s true the Europa path has the dual benefit of depending only on our own results and of being a direct passage to the group stages (as opposed to the qualifying round), I don’t really see any reason why Emery shouldn’t play full strength today at Celta. A 3–0 home victory vs. Fiorentina means an away goal next Thursday forces Fiorentina to score five goals; that feels like the game to rest players for (if necessary). Plus, we’re in the midst of a historic season, and I’d really love to see the team end the year on 78 points. Basically I see no reason not to VAMOOOOOOOOS